Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq (photo: AP)


The EU Cannot Remain Silent on Torture in Iraq

Fighting in western Sudan's Darfur region has forced more than 600,000 people to flee their homes, photo: AP


War, Refugees and Hunger instead of Peace

Europe and North Africa: so close and yet so far. (photo: AP)

Europe-Med Forum

Renewed Push for Middle East Ceasefire

George Bush on Al-Hurra TV


"This Does Not Represent the America I Know"

Iranian president Chatami in front of an image of revolutionary leader Chomeini (phot: AP)


A Return to Pragmatism

Ferhad Ibrahim (photo: Arian Fariborz)


A Tightrope Walk Toward Democracy

Greenpeace protest against human cloning (photo: AP)

Muslim Religious Scholars on Cloning

Useful Technology or the Work of the Devil?

The Americans have inherited the entire array of conflicts, Fischer said. (photo: AP)


"Iraq Could Destabilize Middle East"

Just a few names and words are enough to ignite a diplomatic crisis. (photo: AP)


Embroiled in Diplomatic Spat with Iran

photo: AP


Promoting Turkish-German Trade

Cyprus - a divided island nation joining unified Europe (photo: AP)


Turkish Cypriots Kept out in the Cold

Volker Perthes (photo: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik / German Institute for International and Security Affairs)

Near East after the Iraq War

New Geopolitical Rules and Guidelines

photo: Amira Hass

Book Review

Swimming against the Tide

Mordechai Vanunu after his release (photo: AP)

Middle East

Israel's Double Standard

Blue mosque in Istanbul, photo: AP

Islam and Democracy

"Democracy Can't Be Imposed from Outside"

Fischer gets a first-hand account of reconstruction efforts in Kunduz. (photo: AP)


Setting an Example for Iraq

photo: AP


Blind Solidarity

Michel Barnier, right, the French Foreign Minister speaking to Joschka Fischer, the German Foreign Minister at the end of the second day of a meeting of EU Ministers for Foreign Affairs in Tullamore, Ireland, Saturday April 17, 2004 (photo: AP)

Middle East

Germany and France Criticize Rantisi Killing

EU leaders are unenthusiastic about Bush backing Sharon's plans (photo: AP)

Middle East

EU Skeptical about Israeli Plan

German Moslems during prayer (photo: AP)

Muslims in Germany

Instead of Protest: Raising Awareness in Mosques