The Kifaya youth movement is among those campaigning in favour of free presidential elections and the lifting of the state of emergency and against corruption, photo: AP

Kifaya – Enough is Enough

Egyptian Youth Demands Change

Kifaya movement activists protest against Mubarak and for democratic reforms in Egypt, photo: dpa

Democratic Reform in the Arab World

Mirages and Realities

Patrick Seale

Commentary Patrick Seale

Can the Arabs Join the Modern World?

Archconservative Ahmedinejad's election as Iran's new president destroys the country's last bastion of political reform, photo: dpa

Commentary: Iran's Presidential Election

A Triumph for Islamist Hardliners

Israeli activists attaching stickers with peace slogans to the wall (photo: www.geneva-accord.de)

Geneva Initiative

New Hope for Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue

Michael Gahler (photo: CDU Gross-Gerau)

Interview Michael Gahler

"We Need to Strengthen the Dialogue with Iran"

Otto Schily, Germany's Minister of the Interior; Photo: AP

German Federal Interior Minister Otto Schily:

"Islamic Culture Needs Universal Democratic Values"

Tariq Ali (photo: DPA)

Interview Tariq Ali

"That's Not the Democracy We Want"

Azhar University in Cairo (photo: AP)

Azhar Scholars Debate the Civil Society

Let's Not Talk About Politics!

Strange but true – in Lebanon, even deceased people have been known to have cast their vote, (Photo: Ap)

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections

Reforming Lebanon's Political Culture

Dr. Nader Fergany, head of the Almishkat Centre in Cairo and coordinator of the UNDP Arab Human Development Reports (photo: Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey, ERF)

Interview Nader Fergany

"The USA Has Given Democracy a Bad Name"

Saad Eddin Ibrahim (Photo: Saleh Diab)

Interview Saad Eddin Ibrahim

"The EU must Cease Support of Repressive Systems in the Arab World"

Thousands of Lebanese gathered on Beirut's Martyr's Square for protest, photo: AP

Civil Society in Lebanon

Sensitive Political Issues Are Avoided

"World tribunal on Iraq" activists are calling US-President Bush to the final session in Istanbul, photo: &copy www.worldtribunal.org

"World Tribunal on Iraq"

The Defendants Are Absent

Young Muslim fashion (photo: AP)

Analysis Michael Lüders

Islam as "Wellness"

US marines in Fallujah (photo: AP)

Commentary Volker Perthes

Stability Must Be the Primary Aim of Iraq Policy

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (photo: AP)

Presidential Elections Iran

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's "Culture of Martydom"

photo: Ridwan al-Sayyid, &copy www.attamoddon.com

Ridwan al-Sayyid

The Struggle for Islam

Women carrying a ballot box in the province of Pattani, Thailand – participation and integration will tame radical Islamism in Southeast Asia, experts say (Photo: AP)

Southeast Asia

Islamism Has Taken the Place of Communism as Divisive Force

Sihem Bensedrine (photo: Reporters without Borders)

Defamation of Tunisian Journalist

Smear Campaigns Waged at the Lowest Level