Saudi anti-drug agents arrest an alleged smuggler in Jeddah. The kingdom is captagon's main market (image: Saudi Ministry of Interior/AFP/File)

Trading in amphetamines

How Syria became a narco state

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses attendees during a community event at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia May 23, 2023 (image: AAP Image/Dean Lewins via REUTERS)

India and the BJP

The Modi decade

Egyptian activist Sanaa Seif in London (image: Andrea Backhaus)

Exclusive: Egyptian activist Sanaa Seif

"Egypt's regime must overcome its paranoia"

Italian Prime Minister Meloni and Tunisian President Kais Saied (image: Slim Abid/AP/picture alliance)

EU courts Tunisia

Has Europe found a new partner for its asylum policy?

The EU has a vested interest in returning migrants to Tunisia (image: Emilio Morenatti/AP/dpa/picture alliance

EU-Tunisia migration deal

Proposal ignores migrant human rights concerns

 File photo of French President Emmanuel Macron welcoming Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Paris on 28 July 2022 (image: picture-alliance/AA)

Rebranded MbS meets Macron: Rights groups decry 'hypocrisy'

A young girl waves the Libyan flag as people gather on Martyrs' Square in Tripoli (image: MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP)

Libyan oil and shopping malls

Will Libya unite over its newfound liquidity?

Imran Khan being arrested by security forces at the High Court in Islamabad on 9 May 2023 (Image: Akhtar Soomro/REUTERS)

Imran Khan and Pakistan's power struggle

Populism devours its children

A Moroccan man holds his passport in front of his computer displaying a Schengen visa (image: Fadel Senna/AFP)

Morocco-Europe relations

Unauthorised brokers obstructing Schengen visas

Thousands of supporters of former Pakistan prime minister demonstrate in an anti-government rally (image: Anjum Naveed/AP/dpa/picture alliance)

Pakistan's economic crisis

Sovereign debt overload

Turks wave flags at an election rally (image: Gulsen Solaker/DW)

Turkey election fallout

Erdogan no winner, despite opposition defeat

Erdogan's election victory was celebrated in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey (image: Emrah Gurel/AP Photo/picture-alliance)

Turkey election fallout

Voting for the devil you know

Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes on challenger Kemal Kilicdaroglu in Turkey's second round run-off (image: Umit Turhan Coskun/NurPhoto/picture alliance)

Turkey election run-off

Too much politics of fear from Kilicdaroglu?

Election posters showing Turkey's incumbent president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (image: Emrah Gurel/AP/picture-alliance)

Turkey elections – the second round

Why Erdogan will win

A poster of revolutionary leader Ali Khamenei was pelted with black paint during protests in the city of Qom (image: SalamPix/Abaca/picture-alliance)

Shia clerics in Iran

"Save Islam" – or just the mullahs?

Hungarian President Viktor Orban and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (image: picture-alliance/Xinhua/M.I. Sellem)

Israel's right-wing

Flirting with anti-Semitism

Turkish nationalist Sinan Ogan (image: DHA)

Elections in Turkey

Turkish nationalists on the rise

Protests in Delhi against the persecution of Muslims (photo: Manish Swarup/AP/picture-alliance)

Narendra Modi and Hindutva

Why violence towards India's minorities is increasing