Besides the Janjaweed militias, the Darfur region is in turmoil for other reasons as well (photo: AP)


Darfur Conflict: Oil, Poverty and Land Degradation

Gunmen have been slaughtering people in Darfur for 16 months (photo: AP)


An Impotent International Community

Educators worry about what kids are taught in Koran schools, photo: AP


The Battle for German Muslim Minds

Germany's Foreign Minister Fischer strolls in grand mosque of Lahore, Pakistan, photo: AP

EU/South Asia

From Flirtation to Commitment

As the powers of the critical left wane, anti-Palestinian resentment is on the rise (photo: AP)


Israel's Critical Intellectuals on the Defensive

The Old Bridge connected the two sides of Mostar since 1566 (photo: AP)


Rebuilt Bridge Brings Hope

A border still divides north and south Cyprus (photo: AP)


Celebrating a Dubious Birthday

Logo Bertrelsmann Foundation

Transformation Index Report

Judging Successful Democratisation

German foreign minister Fischer and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, photo: AP

Germany's Middle-East Policy

For a Special Relationship with the Palestinians

Immigrants continue to attempt to cross the Mediterranean sea (photo: AP)


Europe's Invisible Walls

Construction continues on Sharon's orders (photo: AP)


Missing the Point

Hoshyar Zebari met his European colleagues for talks (photo: AP)


Forging Links with Europe

The fence has been compared to the Berlin wall, photo: AP


Israeli Fence Illegal, Court Rules

US soldiers - they shouldn't have come without UN mandate, but now that they are there, simply pulling out would create disaster, says Hans Dembrowski (photo: AP)


Mission Paradox

Ex general and presidential candidate Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at a political rally in May 2004 (photo: AP)

Elections in Indonesia

The Popularity of the Ex-General

Demonstration for greater freedom of the press in Malaysia (photo: AP)


Criticism Not Welcome Here

Indonesian militants protest against the government: Repressive laws could drive radicals deeper underground. (photo: YaleGlobal Online)

Southeast Asia

Fine Line Between State Security and Human Rights

Logo 'European and Mediterranean countries partnership association'

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Europe's Trump Card

Saddam's chief lawyer denies the accusations against his client (photo: AP)


Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein?

Now that the Iraqis are in charge, German firms may have a chance. (photo: BilderBox)


German Companies Pin Hopes on Sovereignty