Boon or burdon? The influence of remittances on national economies has gained importance over recent years (photo: AP)

Migration and Remittances

A New Form of Foreign Aid?

Khalid Chaouki (photo: Café Babel)

Young Muslims in Europe

Khalid and the Generation of Mediators

Mixed-religious couples in Lebanon have to leave the country to exchange rings (photo: Rock und Liebe)

Wedding Tourism on Cyprus

No Civil Marriages in Lebanon

Shir Mohammad Rawan, photo: Arian Fariborz

Satellite Television in the Muslim World

Limited Scope of Democratic Content

Children in Deheishe (photo: Christina Bramsmann)

Refugee Camp Education Project

"Karama Means Dignity"

Sehitlik Mosque in Berlin-Neukölln, photo: press office FDP-Bundestagsfraktion

Open Mosque Day in Berlin

More Knowledge Leads to More Tolerance

Muslims in Germany

"Fanaticism Has Nothing to Do with Islam"

Man reading newspaper in Mali, photo: AP

German Development Policy

Cooperation Enterprise GTZ Focuses on Islam

Sanur Beach, Bali (photo: Manfred's Travel)

Bali Breaks Visitor Records

All Quiet in Paradise?


Turkish Newspaper Already Part of Europe

New Sheikh al-Balad: Suheir Ismail, photo: Nelly Youssef

First Egyptian Woman to Be Village Mayor

"Weren't There Any Men Left?"

Gay pride and the Turkish community don't always mix, photo: AP

Gay Rights

Being Turkish and Gay in Germany

Marrakech's Djemaa el-Fna

Islamic Hardliners Keep Tabs on Fight Club

Will more Muslims soon be among British military ranks?

Great Britain

British Army Hopes to Recruit Muslims

Institut Fondamental de l’Afrique Noire, Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar

Higher Education in West Africa

The Lands of Strikers and Scholars

Student at Kabul’s Amani High School, photo: 'Förderverein Amani High School'

Student Exchange Program

Learning to Learn in Germany

Beirut's skyline, photo: AP

Frankfurt Book Fair 2004

The Unknown Guest of Honour

Granada: The Muslim heritage is cherished, much unlike the Muslims living there today (photo: AP)

Granada, Spain

The Moors Are in Fashion, Arabs Aren't

As Muslims become more integrated, the importance of religion as a "counter identity factor" seems to dwindle, the Dutch report says (photo: Markus Kirchgässner)

Muslims in the Netherlands

Majority Favors Separation of Religion and Politics

Boxing has long been considered a male only domain - this may now change (photo: Markus Kirchgässner)

Women Boxers in Jordan

"Revolutions Have to Start Somewhere"