For many women in desolate situations, family court offers a last ray of hope (photo: Rama el Nimr)

Family Courts

More Rights for Women in Egypt and Morocco

A moustachioed Baghdad man eagerly listening to a transistor radio (photo: AP)


"Shlonak Aghati!"

The repudiation of Orientalism in the West led to all academic analysis of Islam being limited solely to the terrain of the political sciences – a mistake, as François Zabbal argues (photo: private)

Muslim Intellectuals in Europe

Missed Opportunity for a Reform?

Study of Israeli Schoolbooks

Internalization of Negative Palestinian Stereotypes

Condom Cartoons: The 'Three Amigos' condom characters promote the so-called safe-sex message that condoms prevent HIV/AIDS

Aids in Egypt

Is HIV an Issue for Us?

"The truth is that the harshest jokes came straight from the Palestinian Authority," Sharif Kanaana explains (photo: AP)

Jokes as Weapons

Sharif Kanaana on the Palestinian Sense of Humor

"If society considers it normal, how can you enforce a law?" – In south-east Turkey it is still a long way from de jure to de facto abolition of polygamy (photo: Markus Kirchgessner)

Polygamy in Turkey

Slow Evolutionary Change

Experiences of women activists show that men react quite sensitive to all matters relating to their women and their status in society (photo: AP)

The Voice of the Afghan Woman

Gradually Breaking out of Isolation

Höpp's study aims to throw light on the situation of Arab prisoners in the various internment and concentration camps (photo: ZMO)

Arab Victims of National Socialism

"Where Is Your Grave, O Arab Victim?"

Subject of a socio-religious controversy - Is it a breach of religious laws if animals are stunned before they're slaughtered? (photo: AP)

Eid ul Adha – Festival of Sacrifice

Muslims, Activists Lock Horns on Animal Slaughter

Indian Culture Seeps in via Satellite

The Blurred Borders between Pakistan and India

At the Islamic school, religion is a focus in the curriculum, but it is not compulsory (photo: UNICEF Berlin)

An Islamic Elementary School in Berlin

"Like Any Other Confessional School"


German-Turkish Stand-Up Comedy

"Laughter Fosters Integration"

Rik Remmery (photo:

Death Threats against Headscarf Wearing

Belgian Entrepreneur Gains Royal Backing

Collecting for the victims of the tsunami at the Red Crescent in Malaysia (photo: AP)

Collecting for the Victims of the Tsunami

German Muslims Are Organizing Aid

Great Mosque of Rome, photo: AP

Trying to Create an "Italian" Islam

Rigid Laicism Has Been Rejected

Aiman Mazyek (photo: Green Helmets)

Commentary Aiman Mazyek

"The Radicals Have Been Waiting for This"

Logo 'Arab Medical Union in Europe'

Arab Medical Union in Europe

Scientific and Social Commitment

Khaled Abou el Fadl (photo: Monika Jung-Mounib)

Portrait Khaled Abou el Fadl

"God Does Not Have an Equal Partner"

Neve Schalom Synagoge, spiritual center of 25.000 Jews in Istanbul (photo: Tobias Asmuth)

Jews in Turkey

A Quiet yet Fragile Happiness