child in pool (photo: AP)

Muslims and Swimming Lessons

Separating the Boys from the Girls

Azouz Begag, Foto:

Azouz Begag

From the Banlieue to a Place in the Cabinet

Muslims in a London mosque (photo: AP)

Commentary Aftab Malik

The State Muslims Are In

photo: AP

Conference on Muslims in Western Societies

Inter-Faith Thinkers Debate Integration

Logo 'Partners for Peace'

Partners for Peace

New Middle East Newspaper Promotes Peace

Beurger King Muslim interior (photo:

Beurger King Muslim

In Clichy-sous-Bois it's "Bacon Halal" instead of "Le Big Mac"

Arabic bakery in Berlin (photo: Muammar Atwi)

Ramadan in Europe

Muslims Long for Call to Prayer

Prof. Sami Zubaida at St. Anthony's College, Oxford (photo: Jane Ricketts)

Analyis Sami Zubaida

"Islamic Cultural Life in Europe is Multi-Faceted"

Zafer Senocak (photo: University of Wales Press)

Commentary Zafer Senocak

A Disastrous Marriage with No Hope of Dissolution

Islamic school in Muridke (photo: AP)

Islamic Schools in Pakistan

Madrassas as Ideological Breeding Grounds?

Akbar Ganji (photo: DW)

The Akbar Ganji Case

In the Iron Grip of Iran's Judiciary

Interview Cem Özdemir

"We Need New Answers"

photo: AP

Interview Christopher Daase

"Militant Islamism Becomes Hip"

Muhammad Habash (photo:

Portrait Muhammad Habash

A Turkish Model for Syria

Cover "Under Siege"

The Middle East Conflict on PC

Shooting Baruch Goldstein, Carpet Bombing Beirut

Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq's Literary Investigations

Views of Europe from a Combative Intellectual

Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq's Literary Investigations

Muslim boy holding a Koran (photo: AP)

Muslims, Islam and the Media

Taking the Initiative against Scare Scenarios

Up until 7/7 British Pakistanis were often disregarded - now they're regarded suspiciously (photo: AP)

In the Prison of Social Poverty

Pakistanis in Britain

Friday prayers in Regent's Park Mosque in London, photo: AP

Britain's Muslim Community

"I Feel Unsafe these Days"

The house in Al Wardaniyeh is always open for educational travel groups, conferences, language courses, and also to individual travelers from abroad. Photo: &copy

Intercultural Center in Libanon

Dar Assalam – The House of Peace