Take people to court if you don't agree with what they say or do, but don't kill them for it, argues Katajun Amirpur (photo: AP)

Opinion Katajun Amirpur

"You Have to Please Commit Yourselves!"

Alevites in Germany (photo: Café Babel)


How Muslim is Turkey?

Germany's relatively liberal stance concerning religious freedom has its roots in the country's history, says Christian Walter (photo: DPA)

Interview Christian Walter

The Balance between Freedom and Security

In Iran, the state wants to maintain its control over the social and moral development of the country (photo: Condomi)

Family Planning Muslim Style

Tightrope Walk between Pragmatism and Morality

The Old Town of Kabul - ravaged by years of war and conflict (photo: Sabine Fründt)

City-Planning Ideas for Kabul

A Strategy for Reconstructing the Old Town

Rana Husseini; phtot:ai

Rana Husseini

Honor Murders in Jordan Not Just Isolated Cases

Boon or burdon? The influence of remittances on national economies has gained importance over recent years (photo: AP)

Migration and Remittances

A New Form of Foreign Aid?

Khalid Chaouki (photo: Café Babel)

Young Muslims in Europe

Khalid and the Generation of Mediators

Mixed-religious couples in Lebanon have to leave the country to exchange rings (photo: Rock und Liebe)

Wedding Tourism on Cyprus

No Civil Marriages in Lebanon

Shir Mohammad Rawan, photo: Arian Fariborz

Satellite Television in the Muslim World

Limited Scope of Democratic Content

Children in Deheishe (photo: Christina Bramsmann)

Refugee Camp Education Project

"Karama Means Dignity"

Sehitlik Mosque in Berlin-Neukölln, photo: press office FDP-Bundestagsfraktion

Open Mosque Day in Berlin

More Knowledge Leads to More Tolerance

Muslims in Germany

"Fanaticism Has Nothing to Do with Islam"

Man reading newspaper in Mali, photo: AP

German Development Policy

Cooperation Enterprise GTZ Focuses on Islam

Sanur Beach, Bali (photo: Manfred's Travel)

Bali Breaks Visitor Records

All Quiet in Paradise?


Turkish Newspaper Already Part of Europe

New Sheikh al-Balad: Suheir Ismail, photo: Nelly Youssef

First Egyptian Woman to Be Village Mayor

"Weren't There Any Men Left?"

Gay pride and the Turkish community don't always mix, photo: AP

Gay Rights

Being Turkish and Gay in Germany

Marrakech's Djemaa el-Fna

Islamic Hardliners Keep Tabs on Fight Club

Will more Muslims soon be among British military ranks?

Great Britain

British Army Hopes to Recruit Muslims