The German government is a major sponsor of Egypt's first full-fledged German university.

1st German University Abroad Opens in Cairo

Spiegel Cover on Muslims in Germany, September 03

Getting Cross with “Der Spiegel”

Logo of the Center for Encounters and Communication Jerusalem

Holding on to a Vision: The Willy Brandt Centre in Jerusalem

Pause for Reflection

German Parliamentary President W. Thierse at the opening ceremony; photo: AP

New Mosque in Germany Opens Its Doors

Cover: Greenpeace office, Lebanon

Toxic waste from Europe

Foto: AP, Central Berlin map showing location of former Berlin Wall

Jerusalem Berlin Forum - An Initiative for Trilateral Cooperation

photo: Erwin Wodicka, BilderBox

Learning the Immigration Lesson at a Young Age

Dr. Musa Shteiwi, lecturer of sociology at the Universtiy of Jordan in Amman

Arab Women, the Internet and Public Space

Listening to Islamic religious instructions in German.

Learning About Mohammed and the Koran in German

Participants of the delegation

Working Together against Legal Discrimination and Male Violence

Mosk in Granada, Spain; photo: AP

Al-Andalus: Colonialism the Nice Way?

Learning the Immigrant Lesson at a Young Age

Manuscript of the Qur'an; photo: AP

Plea for the Modernisation of Islamic Studies

Fereshta Ludin; photo: AP

On Headscarves and Lawcourts

Tradition and Modernity: Iranian women using the Internet

Iran: Anomymity of the Internet Fosters Freedom of Expression

Beur TV aims to serve people of Arab descent in France, like soccer superstar Zinedine Zidane.

French Muslims Launch Their Own TV Station

Turks make up the largest group of foreigners living in Germany

Old Stereotypes and New "Cool" Foreigners

Photo: AP

The Internet: A New and Liberating Medium

Turkish soccer fans in Berlin celebrate their team's victory at the World Cup quartelfinal match in Japan, June 2002

Turkey Takes the Cultural Route to the EU