Khaled Abou el Fadl (photo: Monika Jung-Mounib)

Portrait Khaled Abou el Fadl

"God Does Not Have an Equal Partner"

Neve Schalom Synagoge, spiritual center of 25.000 Jews in Istanbul (photo: Tobias Asmuth)

Jews in Turkey

A Quiet yet Fragile Happiness

Fethullah Gülen (photo: Hakan Yavuz)

Portrait of Fethullah Gülen

A Modern Turkish-Islamic Reformist

Iraqi newspaper 'Al-Zaman', photo: AP

The Media in Iraq

Restrictions on Press Freedom

Afghan people read and buy books, magazines and newspapers at a stand in Kabul, photo: AP

Portrait Mohammad Shah

"Afghans Have Been Cut off from Their Memories"

Many reports on Muslims and Islam do not at all seem to be based on thorough research and a desire to educate, says Sabine Schiffer (photo: AP)

Islam and the Western Media

Constructed Realities and Caricatures

Wülfrath's Fathi Mosque in Germany is one of the many indicators that Islam in Europe is not just a transitory phenomenon (photo: AP)

Islam in Europe

Euro-Islam: a Cultural Phenomenon

Using Islam to attain war-time political ends: Kaiser Wilhelm II. on a state visit to Constantinople (photo: German Historical Museum)

European Islam

Muslims in Europe between the Two World Wars

Women's Rights in Turkey

Women Are Starting Their Own Businesses

Human rights activists in Turkey have been suppressed and prosecuted for decades - now it seems this era has come to an end (photo: AP)


The Long March

Dialogue with the Middle East

Heinrich Böll Foundation Opens Office in Beirut

The Prize was awarded to Jamila Mujahed for promoting freedom of the press and freedom of speech (photo: Petra Tabeling)

The Afghan Magazine "Malalai"

The Voice of Afghan Women

Portrait Mohammad Shabestari

Faith, Freedom, and Reason

Tassili National Park/Algeria

Tourists Loot Objects from Protected Site

Fuat Sezgin is a productive writer - he has compiled a 13-volume history of Islam's Golden Age of Science (photo: Milliyet)

Fuat Sezgin – Tradition and Change


Science in Arab-Islamic Culture

Sultana Kamal, photo: ai


Sultana Kamal – A Voice for Equality

NAZO's renovated training centre in Afghanistan, photo: NAZO

Women in Afghanistan

NAZO Offers Help for Self-Help

Street in Aleppo, photo:

Ancient City of Aleppo

Restoring a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Syria

Dan Bar-On was now awarded the German Cross of Merit for his work promoting understanding between peoples (photo: Martin Lengemann)

Dan Bar-On

Holocaust Reconciliation Applied to Middle East

At Berlin's bilingual Aziz-Nesin School, kids get to celebrate Muslim holidays, too (photo: Aziz-Nesin School)

Seker Byrami/Sugar Festival

Celebrating Ramadan at a German-Turkish School