Street in Aleppo, photo:

Ancient City of Aleppo

Restoring a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Syria

Dan Bar-On was now awarded the German Cross of Merit for his work promoting understanding between peoples (photo: Martin Lengemann)

Dan Bar-On

Holocaust Reconciliation Applied to Middle East

At Berlin's bilingual Aziz-Nesin School, kids get to celebrate Muslim holidays, too (photo: Aziz-Nesin School)

Seker Byrami/Sugar Festival

Celebrating Ramadan at a German-Turkish School

Gorbachev lauds Yusuf Islam (left) as "A Man of Peace" (photo:

World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Yusuf Islam Awarded the "Man for Peace" Award

Take people to court if you don't agree with what they say or do, but don't kill them for it, argues Katajun Amirpur (photo: AP)

Opinion Katajun Amirpur

"You Have to Please Commit Yourselves!"

Alevites in Germany (photo: Café Babel)


How Muslim is Turkey?

Germany's relatively liberal stance concerning religious freedom has its roots in the country's history, says Christian Walter (photo: DPA)

Interview Christian Walter

The Balance between Freedom and Security

In Iran, the state wants to maintain its control over the social and moral development of the country (photo: Condomi)

Family Planning Muslim Style

Tightrope Walk between Pragmatism and Morality

The Old Town of Kabul - ravaged by years of war and conflict (photo: Sabine Fründt)

City-Planning Ideas for Kabul

A Strategy for Reconstructing the Old Town

Rana Husseini; phtot:ai

Rana Husseini

Honor Murders in Jordan Not Just Isolated Cases

Boon or burdon? The influence of remittances on national economies has gained importance over recent years (photo: AP)

Migration and Remittances

A New Form of Foreign Aid?

Khalid Chaouki (photo: Café Babel)

Young Muslims in Europe

Khalid and the Generation of Mediators

Mixed-religious couples in Lebanon have to leave the country to exchange rings (photo: Rock und Liebe)

Wedding Tourism on Cyprus

No Civil Marriages in Lebanon

Shir Mohammad Rawan, photo: Arian Fariborz

Satellite Television in the Muslim World

Limited Scope of Democratic Content

Children in Deheishe (photo: Christina Bramsmann)

Refugee Camp Education Project

"Karama Means Dignity"

Sehitlik Mosque in Berlin-Neukölln, photo: press office FDP-Bundestagsfraktion

Open Mosque Day in Berlin

More Knowledge Leads to More Tolerance

Muslims in Germany

"Fanaticism Has Nothing to Do with Islam"

Man reading newspaper in Mali, photo: AP

German Development Policy

Cooperation Enterprise GTZ Focuses on Islam

Sanur Beach, Bali (photo: Manfred's Travel)

Bali Breaks Visitor Records

All Quiet in Paradise?


Turkish Newspaper Already Part of Europe