Will more Muslims soon be among British military ranks?

Great Britain

British Army Hopes to Recruit Muslims

Institut Fondamental de l’Afrique Noire, Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar

Higher Education in West Africa

The Lands of Strikers and Scholars

Student at Kabul’s Amani High School, photo: 'Förderverein Amani High School'

Student Exchange Program

Learning to Learn in Germany

Beirut's skyline, photo: AP

Frankfurt Book Fair 2004

The Unknown Guest of Honour

Granada: The Muslim heritage is cherished, much unlike the Muslims living there today (photo: AP)

Granada, Spain

The Moors Are in Fashion, Arabs Aren't

As Muslims become more integrated, the importance of religion as a "counter identity factor" seems to dwindle, the Dutch report says (photo: Markus Kirchgässner)

Muslims in the Netherlands

Majority Favors Separation of Religion and Politics

Boxing has long been considered a male only domain - this may now change (photo: Markus Kirchgässner)

Women Boxers in Jordan

"Revolutions Have to Start Somewhere"


Working on an Intercultural Business Climate

German-Arabic Student Exchange

"They're Not Riding to School on Camels"

image: Gruenhelme


Green Helmets – Dialogue Means Respect

Portrait Fatma Akyüz

Martial Arts as a Means to Strengthen Willpower

The Afghan government wants refugees to return home to help build up the country, says Georg David (photo: AP)

Interview Georg David

Refugees Return to Afghanistan

Thirteen years olf, Rubab Raza has already taken part in several international swimming competitions (photo: AP)

2004 Olympics

Female Swimmer to Represent Pakistan in Athens

Headcarf by Hana Sadiq, presented at a fasion show in Rome, 2003 (photo: AP)

Modern Islam

Allah Is Great, Allah Is Different

Inul Daratista, "the Girl with the Breasts" (photo: Indonesian embassy in Japan)


Miss Inul Is Testing the Nation's Morals

Cuenca's cathedral has a past most Cuencans don't know about (photo:


The Cathedral Used To Be a Mosque

German and Bengali students working on a solar energy plant (photo: Technical University Berlin)

German-Bengali Cooperation

Using Solar Energy for Cooling

Ali, the Prophet's son-in-law and nephew (photo: AP)


A Massacre as a Turning Point


Women Issuing Fatwas

photo: FDP web-site

Turks in Germany

Becoming German, but Staying Muslim