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Working for Reform

Rebellious French students Alma and Lila Levy (photo: AP)

Islam in Europe

The Headscarf Debate à la Française

photo: AP

Net Café Reconnects Refugees to Families

Skyline of Cairo's (photo: AP)

Unofficial State of Emergency in Cairo

Untiring in the Struggle against Powerlessness

Cover Hi magazine

US Public Relations in the Arab World


"Husband Friend" instead of "Boy Friend"

Faraj Sarkohi

A Bearer of Hope for Democratic Change

Foto: 'Radio Multikulti'

Radio Multikulti - a Programme for the World

Foto: AP

'Sesame Street' Joins Mideast Peace Process

The Italian police carry an emaciated would-be migrant off a drifting boat. (photo: AP)

Europe's Migrancy Problem Gains Urgency

Photo: Charlotte Wiedemann

Islam-Experts, Ten-a-Penny

Shirin Ebadi

Nobel Peace Prize to Iranian Lawyer Shirin Ebadi

Muslims in the US

Nabila Espanioly (photo: Grassroot Church Initiative)

Two-Fold Motivation: Anger and Humour

The German government is a major sponsor of Egypt's first full-fledged German university.

1st German University Abroad Opens in Cairo

Spiegel Cover on Muslims in Germany, September 03

Getting Cross with “Der Spiegel”

Logo of the Center for Encounters and Communication Jerusalem

Holding on to a Vision: The Willy Brandt Centre in Jerusalem

Pause for Reflection

German Parliamentary President W. Thierse at the opening ceremony; photo: AP

New Mosque in Germany Opens Its Doors