Afghan refugees, photo: AP


Dutch Parliament Votes to Remove Asylum Seekers

photo: AP


Discovering Africa

Moroccan writer Fatima Mernissi, Photo: AP


Rebel for the Sake of Women

Flying their flags together - Palestinians and Israelis at the South Pole (photo: Breaking the Ice)

South Pole

Heated Discussions in the Pack Ice

Schoolgirls at the opening of a school in Afghanistan. (photo: AP)


Deutsche Welle and Cap Anamur Build Schools

The water pipe ritual in a Berlin bar (photo: Stephan Schmidt)

Oriental Hip

The Triumph of the Shisha

Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, and Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, Shlomo Amar (photo: Mary Fowles)

Religious Cooperation

The Importance of Inter-Religious Scholarship

A picture of normality amid the rubble in Baghdad. (photo: AP)


From The Orient to The Occident and Back

Have a seat: waiting room at the immigration office in Hamburg. (photo: AP)


Asylum Seekers Train to Help Others

President Jacques Chirac delivers his speech at the Elysee Palace, photo: AP


Chirac Seeks Law Banning Headscarf in Schools

All dressed up; the Afghani police officers in Berlin (photo: AP)

Women in the Police Force

Afghani Policewomen on Tour in Germany

Iranian clerics in Ghom waiting for the reformist theologian Montazeri, who is under house arrest. (photo: AP)

Reformist Islam

Adapting to Contemporary Interpretations of Islam

German convert in Berlin (photo: Christoph Eckelt)

Muslim Converts

"Less Restricted by the Burden of Tradition"

Photo: Mar Elias Educational Institutions

Middle East

Christian Arab Israeli University Opened

Headscarfs are causing a stir in Europe (photo: AP)

Headscarf Issue

Prominent Women Protest against Ban

photo: AP

Interfaith holiday celebrations

Sugar Festival, St. Nicholas, Noel Baba

Sisters in Islam banner


Working for Reform

Rebellious French students Alma and Lila Levy (photo: AP)

Islam in Europe

The Headscarf Debate à la Française

photo: AP

Net Café Reconnects Refugees to Families

Skyline of Cairo's (photo: AP)

Unofficial State of Emergency in Cairo