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Shlomit Tripp and her puppet theatre "Bubales" (source:

Shlomit Tripp‘s Puppet Theatre "Bubales“

Vibrant, Jewish, intercultural

An installation entitled Eternity Now by American artist Gisela Colon seen near the Sphinx and the pyramids on the Giza Plateau, near Cairo, Egypt on October 25, 2021

"Forever is Now": Art in the Egyptian desert

Ali Kaaf's "Ich bin Fremder. Zweifach Fremder", 2021, installation, printed and milled aluminum composite panels, sprayed wood panels, metal, 280 x 580 x 160 cm (photo: © Ali Kaaf/Joerg von Bruchhausen)

"I am a stranger: a stranger twice over"

Contemporary art meets early Islamic high culture

Performance at The Colony, an arts centre in Lahore, Pakistan (photo: Philip Breu)

Theatre in Pakistan

"I just want to dance"

Iranian photographer and artist Farzaneh Khademian (photo: Farzaneh Khademian)

Iranian artist Farzaneh Khademian's "Peephole"

Women living "life without a life"

Amal, a giant puppet of a young Syrian refugee girl searching for her mother, travelled 8,000 km across Europe, from Turkey to the UK, to draw attention to the plight of refugees. She is seen here shaking actor Jude Law's hand in Folkstone, England (photo: Glyn KIRK/AFP)

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A museum display case featuring an ancient sword, shield, helmet and various paintings

Five millennia of Iranian art – an exhibition

Etel Adnan, Lebanese American poet and artist (photo: Pierre René-Worms/RFI)

Etel Adnan, Lebanese American poet and artist

A woman full of questions and innocence