Topic: Authoritarianism

 Saddam Haftar, Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar's youngest son, is widely seen as his father's successor (image: Facebook)

More corruption, death and destruction

Haftar's sons rise in Derna flood aftermath

Ipek Ipekcioglum aka DJ Ipek (image: Melis Oezdil)

Eklektik BerlinIstan meets Anatolian folk

DJ Ipek's space-time continuum in sound

Indian cricket fans wait for the start of the Cricket World Cup match between India and New Zealand at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, UK, 2019 (image: AP Photo/Rui Viera/File)

Is it India? Is it Bharat?

Modi government pushes for Sanskrit name

Egyptian president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi gestures with his hand as he speaks (image: Mandel Ngan/AP/picture alliance)

Repression in Sisi's Egypt

Activists targeted in presidential election run-up

Street scene in Amman, Jordan (image: picture-alliance)

Jordan's new cybercrime law

Heading towards Internet censorship

Demonstrators in Barcelona support those imprisoned in Morocco's Rif region for speaking out against the government (image: Paco Freire/ZUMA/picture alliance)

Transnational repression

Why a friendlier Middle East is more dangerous for activists

Demonstration in Aleppo, Syria (image: Rawan Issa)

War in Syria

Young Syrians' deep sense of alienation

Famous Turkish pop singer Melek Mosso has also been affected by hostility and concert cancellations (image: Yasin Akgul/AFP/Getty Images)

Music festivals in Turkey

Only "halal" festivals acceptable?

Victims of the Rabaa massacre in shrouds with relatives (image: AHMED HAYMAN/dpa/picture alliance)

10 years after Egypt's Rabaa massacre

Still waiting for justice

King Mohammed VI of Morocco (image: FADEL SENNA / AFP/File)


Mohammed VI turns 60: Diplomacy a priority as inequalities persist

Protests in Baghdad against the Koran burnings (image: Ali Jabar/AP/picture alliance)

Sweden Koran burnings

Playing to the radicals

Der indische Oppositionspolitiker Rahul Gandhi; Drew Angers/Getty Images


The Gandhi clan returns

Book cafes, an Arab initiative to nourish body and soul. Here in Erbil, Iraq (image: DW)

Youth Activism in the Middle East and North Africa

How to re-engage Arab youth?

People protest in Iraq over unpaid salaries (image: Feriq Ferec/AA/picture alliance)

Arab states in crisis

In search of a miracle cure