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Director of the Istanbul Film Festival 2023 Kerem Ayan with director Ayse Polat (image: Stefan Weidner)

Istanbul's 42nd Film Festival

Between two quakes

Still from the film "Notes on Displacement" by Khaled Jarrar (source: Thessaloniki Film Festival)

Khaled Jarrar's documentary "Notes on Displacement"

Putting faces to the nameless

Undated official portrait of Syrian President Hafez Assad, right foreground, with his wife, Anissa Makhloof, foreground left, and children. His children are, from left to right, Maher, Bashar, Bassel (who died in a car accident in 1994), Majd and Bushra. Assad died Saturday, June 10, 2000, at the age of 69. Syria's President Bashar Assad, beset by a popular upheaval that won't die, appears to be turning more and more to a tiny coterie of relatives, the backbone of a family dynasty that has kept Syria's 22 million people living in fear for decades (image: Syrian Ministry of Information/AP/dapd)

Ramadan series "Smile, General"

Dynasty of fear

Mural of Mahsa Amini in Dublin (image: Niall Carson/PA Wore/empics/picture-alliance)

"Between Revolutions" by Vlad Petri

The power of freedom

Yemeni film "Al Murhaqoon", 'The Burdened' (source: Adenium Productions)

Berlinale's first Yemeni feature film

The taboo of abortion

Protests in Tel Aviv against the ultra-right government (image: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)

Culture funding in Israel

Filmmakers fear censorship

She risks her life in the hunt for the perpetrator: Zar Amir Ebrahimi in "Holy Spider" (image: Alamode Film)

Iranian film "Holy Spider"

Killing women in the name of Allah

Still from "The Red Suitcase" by Cyrus Neshvad (source: ImdB)

Oscar-bound short

Lifting the veil on Iranian women rejecting male domination

Tunisian director Erige Sehiri (photo: Fethi Belaid/AFP)

Tunisia's Oscar shortlist

"Under The Fig Trees" and modern rural youth

Adam, the main character, is played by Palestinian actor Tawfeek Barhom (source: Cannes Film Festival)

Cairo Conspiracy a.k.a. Boy From Heaven

Al-Azhar, a Catholic monastery...and the Dalai Lama

Antoine Leiris played by Pierre Deladonchamps with his son (photo: Komplizen Film/Tobisfilm)

Paris Bataclan attack, 7 years on

You will not have my hate

 Supporters of Pakistan’s right wing Jamaat-e-Islami party protesting against the transgender rights bill in Lahore in October (photo: Arif ALI/AFP/File)

Transgender rights

Pakistani movie "Joyland" banned at home

Palestinians in Gaza after an airstrike (photo: Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

Human Rights Film Festival Berlin

"Erasmus in Gaza"

Still from "Flee" (source:

Afghan refugee confronts his past

"Flee", one man's story