Topic: Integration in Germany

MENA project (image: MENA Project)

Middle Eastern and North African art in Europe

MENA Art Gallery – haven for Arab art

Students demonstrating in Frankfurt in 1969 (image: dpa/picture-alliance)

Migration in the 1960s

Adapting to Germany's fast-changing society

Author and political scientist Aref Hajjaj (image: DW)

The refugee's struggle for identity

Homeless with three homes

Islamic consultant Hussein Hamdan (image: Paul Kreiner/Catholic Academy Rottenburg-Stuttgart)

Muslims in Europe and conflict resolution

Meet Germany's first Islamic affairs consultant

Teacher Fereshta Ludin (image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Mura)

The headscarf controversy

End of Germany's culture war?

In Berlin, Erdogan supporters formed long convoys of cars celebrating the Turkish president's election victory (image: Omer Messinger/Getty Images)

Turks in Germany

President Erdogan's long arm strategy

Cover of Tayfun Guttstadt's album "Tarapzade" (source:

Dialogue of cultures

Tarapzade – "Seek it in yourself"

Emergency vehicles stand in front of the burned-out house of the Genc family in Solingen in 1993 (image: Rene Tillmann/IMAGO)

Far-right terror in Germany

Solingen: 30 years after the arson attack

Language areas of the brain in native speakers of German and Arabic (source: MPI CBS/DW)

Language and language acquisition

How the brain processes German and Arabic

Poster of Erdogan amid a sea of Turkish flags, seen at a pro-Erdogan demo in Cologne, Germany 2016 (image: picture/dpa/H.Kaiser)

Germany's Turkish diaspora

Why Turks in Germany still vote for Erdogan

 German-Indian journalist Navina Sundaram (image: Horst Galuschka/Imago)

German-Indian journalist Navina Sundaram

"Out of marginalisation, into the mainstream"

Scotland's First Minister Humza Yousaf, centre, in Edinburgh (image: Jane Barlow/REUTERS

Scotland's first Muslim First Minister

How should we rate Humza Yousaf's appointment?

Berlin-based Islamic scholar Schirin Amir-Moazami (image: Martin Funck)

Muslims in Europe

"For integration, read assimilation"

Frontman Rabih Lahoud (seond from right) and the members of Masaa (image: Andy Spyra)

Masaa's Rabih Lahoud in interview

"Arabic needs artistic support"

On a burial ground in the north of Frankfurt (image: Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa/picture-alliance)

Integration in Germany

Muslims find a home, but few graves