Topic: Travels in the Orient

Leopold Weiss alias Muhammad Asad (source: publisher)

Muhammad Asad

A Jewish Lawrence of Arabia

Edward Said (photo: dpa)

Edward Said's "Orientalism"

The Orient beyond Cliché

Freya Stark (source: Wikipedia)

Historical Travelogues by Women

Lugging a Piano to Khartoum

(photo: Max Freiherr von Oppenheim-Stiftung im Hausarchiv des Bankhauses Sal. Oppenheim)

Max Baron of Oppenheim

An Encyclopedic Travelogue Free from the Arrogance of the Time

Gertrude Bell, Letters from Baghdad (source:

Gertrude Bell's Orient Travels

Escape from the Tight Corset of the Modern Age

"Pierre Loti in front of Istanbul" (1896), painted by Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (photo: Nr. 1 Exposition Loti, Paris)

Pierre Loti

Dreams of the Orient