In brief

Turkey's parliament approves key articles of constitutional reform

Myanmar interested in repatriating displaced Rohingya

Rights report warns Trump-style populism threatens democracy

Egypt rules out involvement in Syria's war

Syrian Kurdish groups not invited to peace talks

Saudi detains two human rights activists

Nearly 100,000 Turkish civil servants fired since failed July coup

Public gatherings banned in Ankara amid debate over constitution

Two Cape Town mosques defaced in 'Islamophobic' attacks

European court rules that Swiss Muslim girls must take swimming classes with boys

Indonesia struggles to curb child marriage

Saudi prince readies strategy if clerics oppose reforms

Free from Boko Haram, Nigeria's Chibok girls are kept silent

Germany's Islamist scene in numbers

Buddhist hardliners stop Myanmar Muslim ceremony

Former Iranian president Rafsanjani dies

Israeli soldier convicted of manslaughter in killing of immobile Palestinian assailant

Myanmar commission denies abuses against Rohingya

German prosecutors say convicted IS member hid killings

Jakarta governor lambasts hardliner at blasphemy trial

Turkey extends emergency rule to maintain purge of Gulen supporters

US store draws outrage over 'no Muslims' sign

Iranian dissident ends 70-day hunger strike after wife released

Judge says requiring more parking for mosque is unconstitutional

IS claims responsibility for Istanbul nightclub attack

Syrian rebel groups say they will freeze peace talks

Christmas message leads to death threats in Pakistan

Pope isn't seeking Islam, Christianity merger

Bangladesh police say ruling party lawmaker shot dead

Hurriyet: Turkey sees IS link to Istanbul attack

UN backs Russian-Turkish Syria efforts as ceasefire wavers

Massachusetts Muslim cemetery to go ahead after year-long fight

Bosnia's main university suspends classes during Muslim prayers

Merkel says Islamist terrorism is biggest test for Germany

Armless Syrian boy thrives in US, hopes family can join him

Myanmar to investigate police abuse of Rohingya

Mauritania delays top court ruling on 'infidel' blogger

Indonesia police say Christmas bomb plot foiled

Appeals against hatred at memorial service following Berlin attack

Slovakian president vetoes restrictive church law targeting Muslims

Refugee returns lost money to German woman

12 killed in 'probable terrorist attack' in Berlin Christmas market

Gunman wounds three in Zurich mosque rampage

Turkish police detain six after Russian ambassador shot dead

Egyptian court suspends author's jail sentence over sexually explicit book

UN to vote Monday on sending observers to Aleppo

Farrakhan sees a new opening for black separatist message

Indian PM's camp seeks support from unlikely quarter: Muslim women

Ten policemen in Egypt charged with torturing man to death

Malaysia calls for ASEAN to co-ordinate aid for Myanmar's Rohingya

Bacha bazi: Afghan subculture of child sex slaves

Swiss high court slaps down effort to ban university's Islamic centre