In brief

Afghan girls to attend U.S. robotics clash after visa U-turn

China's Uighur Muslims struggle under 'police state'

UK government declines to publish review on funding of extremism

Iranian cancer researcher sent home after being detained at Boston airport

Indonesia's president signs decree to ban radical groups

Turkish academics flee abroad to an uncertain life incognito

Many organisations banned in Pakistan thrive online

Turkey marks failed coup that changed country

U.S. urges Myanmar to allow fact-finding mission

Arab states seek to step up pressure on Qatar over 2013 accord

Aga Khan marks 60 years as leader of Ismaili Shias

Egyptian police said to detain Chinese Uighurs in wide sweep

Muslim leaders rally in Berlin against terrorism

After Mosul, other Iraqi territory still in IS hands

Qatar crisis raises questions about defining terrorism

Afghanistan and Pakistan agree to joint border operations against militants

Arab nations say they have Qatar's response to their demands

Saudi agrees to Iran consulates during hajj

Gambian schoolkids denied U.S. visas for robotics competition

Anti-LGBT Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia call for Starbucks boycott

NATO looks to Mattis for Afghanistan plan

Most jihadist attacks in West not co-ordinated by IS, study finds

UN calls Qatar neighbours' call to close Al-Jazeera TV an 'unacceptable attack'

Italy urges EU ports to take migrants as pressure builds

U.S. sets new visa rules for 6 mainly Muslim nations

Travel ban a blow to Sudan refugees awaiting U.S. resettlement

Hamas building Gaza buffer zone as it seeks better Egypt ties

Islamic State turned on dissenters as Raqqa assault neared

Petition calls on Turkey to release hunger-strike teachers

Human Rights Watch says French counter-terrorism bill will impinge on freedoms

Few answers on U.S. travel ban as launch deadline looms

New clashes rock Morocco's restive north

Meal programme bridges cultural divisions, 1 plate at a time

Pakistan issues first transgender passport

U.S. Muslim group launches mobile phone app to report hate crimes

Turkey to stop teaching evolution theory in high schools

Muslims in Asia pray for peace as Ramadan holy month ends

Iraqis: IS blew up mosque in 'formal declaration of defeat'

In Syria's besieged Douma, Ramadan meals among the ruins

Arab states issue Qatar with a list of 13 demands

Germany′s AfD party in hot water for nationalistic, anti-media WhatsApp chat

U.S. expresses frustration over Saudi embargo on Qatar

Saudi king upends royal succession, names son as 1st heir

London copes with deep divisions following attacks

Desperate Rohingya seek new escape routes from Bangladesh

In Myanmar, religious tensions simmer as madrassas shuttered

Egyptian woman takes on men-only Ramadan wakeup call job

Egyptian court sentences 31 to death over ex-prosecutor's killing

Taboo-breaking liberal mosque opens in Berlin

Muslim groups in Germany at odds over anti-terrorism march

EU opens legal case against Warsaw, Budapest and Prague over migration

Warsaw Muslims call off event following far-right threats