Presidential take-over in Tunisia
Political earthquake in Tunis
US policy in the Middle East
The America that Israel and Palestine need
Anti-Muslim prejudice in Germany
Suspicion and prejudice
ECJ headscarf ruling
Commerce trumps God

Presidential take-over in Tunisia

Tunisia's President Kaïs Saïed has assumed executive powers in his country in a highly controversial and possibly unconstitutional manner, fuelling fears of an impending authoritarian rollback. Despite strong criticism of his intervention, many still hope for an end to the country's endemic crisis. By Sofian Philip NaceurRead more

US policy in the Middle East

Joe Biden promised to make democracy and human rights central to US foreign policy. But that means not insisting on Israel's right to defend itself without mentioning its expansion of settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, its policy of discrimination, and its denial of the Palestinians' right to an independent state. By Mohamed ElBaradeiRead more

Anti-Muslim prejudice on the German labour market

Some companies in Germany are reluctant to hire Muslims. But it is not only the Muslim applicants who are losing out, so too are the companies. After all, there are multiple benefits for companies that embrace religious diversity. By Martin LechtapeRead more

ECJ headscarf ruling problematic for Germany

The European Court of Justice has given its backing to companies that don't allow female Muslim staff members to wear headscarves – as long as they don't permit the wearing of even small crosses and other religious symbols either. This is a problem for Germany in particular. By Wolfgang JanischRead more


President Kaïs Saïed (at the head of the table to the right of the Tunisian flag) announcing on Sunday that he had dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament for 30 days (photo: Tunisian Presidency Handout/AA/picture alliance)

Presidential take-over in Tunisia

Political earthquake in Tunis

A Palestinian woman and two children survey the rubble of their home, which was destroyed by an Israeli air strike in June, Gaza Strip (photo: Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

US policy in the Middle East

The America that Israel and Palestine need

Moroccan King Mohammed VI (photo: picture alliance/dpa/TASS/A. Sherbak)

Morocco's pre-election crisis of confidence

"People no longer trust us!"

Group E match at the 2019 Asian Cup between Qatar and Saudi Arabia (photo: Getty Images/AFP/K. Desouki)

Saudi Arabia, football and the Olympics

Making the leap from off-side to big league?


Muslim women wearing headscarves in Munich (photo: imago/Ralph Peters)

ECJ headscarf ruling problematic for Germany

When it comes to headscarves, commerce trumps God

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (photo: Mike Myers/Penguin Random House/dpa/picture-alliance)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Prey"

Condemning Islam, glorifying the West


Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan during a speech on an earlier anniversary of the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016 (photo: Reuters/Turkish Presidency)

Turkey five years after the attempted coup

"Witch hunt" focuses on Turkish artists and intellectuals

Beizar Aradini's work "To and From Home", thread on tulle, 2021 (courtesy of the artist)

Berlin: "bê welat – the unexpected storytellers" exhibition

Taking a tender look at life through the Kurdish lens

Film poster "Invisible" (source: YouTube screenshot)

Film review: Marianna Kakaounaki’s "Invisible"

Turkish refugees in Greece – out of sight, out of mind

French-Moroccan author Leila Slimani (photo: Getty images/AFP/J.Saget)

Leila Slimani's "The Country of Others"

Dreams in times of crisis