Australian charged with possession of al-Qaida terror manual


An Australian man arrested in an anti-terrorism sting allegedly possessed bomb-making instructions and an al-Qaida document detailing how to carry out a terrorist attack, police said on Tuesday.

Sameh Bayda, 18, from Guildford in western Sydney, was charged with three counts of collecting documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts.

Bayda allegedly had one document, in English, published by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula instructing how to carry out a terrorist attack, national broadcaster ABC reported citing court documents. Another document, published in Arabic, contained instructions on how to make a bomb, the report said. A third document explained how to carry out a stabbing attack.

Bayda's bail was refused, the police statement said. Police also seized a number of items on 13 January, when the man was served a firearm prohibition order, which prevents him owning or using a gun. The man will remain in police custody until he appears next week in court, when he is expected to apply for bail.    (dpa)

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