James, 10 September 2008

on: No Compulsion in Islam, an interview with Irshad Manji

I think the debate whether Islam is in need of reform or not and whether Islam promotes extremism is a never ending dialog between western and eastern theologists. Let me start by saying this: I wonder if the interview conducted with Irshad Manji is meant to bridge the gap between the two view-points, western and eastern beliefs.

Consider this: would Islam be considered a hot topic if the conflict between Israel and Palestinians never existed? And I keep wondering if the Islamic States in the Gulf were not rich oil producers would the debate on Islam be in the forefront in western media? In the past Africa and parts of the middle east used to be colonized because western leaders considered for example Africans uncivilized and barbaric because their life differs from the British, the French and the Americans. Islam and Christianity as well as the Jewish faith have always preached forgiveness and obedience to God. So how come Islam now seems to be the one in need of reform when historic events have proven that humans have managed to cause destruction through "Holy Wars" in the name of freedom and democracy.

I wonder if people were stripped off their religious identity would there be peace on earth or will people find new ways to kill each other in the name of spreading world peace.

I think before anyone takes the liberty to talk about any faith, the first step toward reconciliation is to respect human rights by abolishing any right to start war or to develop any kind of mass destructive nuclear weapons.

Extremism is just a side effect of injustice out of desperate circumstances

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