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Still from Fyzal Boulifa's "The Damned Don't Cry" (copyright: Vixens)

"The Damned Don't Cry"

Moroccan melodrama without the tears

Protests in Baghdad against the Koran burnings (image: Ali Jabar/AP/picture alliance)

Sweden Koran burnings

Playing to the radicals

Award-winning journalist and author Afua Hirsch (image: Henry Gill)

People of Colour in the UK

Why anti-racism work is under threat

October 1922: After defeating Greece, cheering Turks in Smyrna (now Izmir) displayed a huge Turkish flag (image: Getty Images/Tropical Press Agency/Price)

100 years of the Turkish Republic

The legacy of the Treaty of Lausanne

Singer-songwriter Cat Stevens alias Yussuf Islam (image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Brandt)

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf turns 75

One man, two lives

The Brit Adele James embodies the Pharaoh in the Netflix series "Queen Cleopatra" (image: Netflix)

Netflix series "Queen Cleopatra"

Controversial patchwork history

Egyptian activist Sanaa Seif in London (image: Andrea Backhaus)

Exclusive: Egyptian activist Sanaa Seif

"Egypt's regime must overcome its paranoia"

Arabic Language Center booth at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair (image: ADIBF)

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

"We're not looking for Western recognition"

Scotland's First Minister Humza Yousaf, centre, in Edinburgh (image: Jane Barlow/REUTERS

Scotland's first Muslim First Minister

How should we rate Humza Yousaf's appointment?

Members of Bangladesh's Rapid Action Battalion have allegedly carried out extrajudicial killings of activists (image: Sony Ramany/NurPhoto/picture alliance)

Bangladesh's Rapid Action Battalion

Inside the death squad

"Girl in a Cemetery" (detail) by Raoof Haghighi c/o A Gallery, London, UK

Art and the Iran protests

"Painting is like breathing for me"

Scene from Baghdad (image: Hella Mewis)

20 years after the U.S. invasion

Iraq's wounds are slow to heal

Pakistani-American author Mohsen Hamid (image: picture-alliance/dpa)

Mohsin Hamid's "The Last White Man"

The (familiar) stranger in the mirror

A man cries as he sits on the rubble of a collapsed building in the rebel-held town of Jindayris, Syria (image: Aaref Watad/AFP/Getty Images)

Earthquake politics

Syria – do EU, U.S. sanctions stop aid deliveries?