Logo Fajr Festival

Fadjr Festival in Teheran

A Delicate Balancing Act

Interview with Omar Amiralay

"My Optimism Is Hair-Thin"

Thomas Brussig (photo:

Interview with Thomas Brussig

An East German Represents the West

Jutta Limbach; photo: dpa

Interview Jutta Limbach

Intercultural Dialogue since 9/11

Germany's Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier at the Cairo Book Fair (photo: dpa)

The Cairo International Book Fair 2006

Censorship Is a Topic of Conversation

photo: "Staging the Orient"

"Staging the Orient"

The Dark Underbelly of the Belle Époque

Ban on Western Music in Iran

Return to the Khomeini Era?

Cover of "Kanak Sprak" by Feridun Zaimoglu, &copy Audio-Verlag

Cultural Globalization

Cultures on the Move

Comic cover 'Jaka Wana' (&copy Situs Comic Underground)

Popular Culture in Indonesia

Comic Heyday!

Atom Ergoyan on the set of "Ararat"

Atom Egoyan's "Ararat"

"Who Remembers the Armenians Today?"

Burak Turna (photo:

Burak Turna's "Third World War"

A New Turkish Thriller Puts East and West at Odds

Samir Nasr, photo: &copy

Interview with Samir Nasr

Make Use of Stereotypes - Then Break Them Down

Nuruddin Farah (photo: Samuel Shimon)

Interview with Nuruddin Farah

A Miracle Child, Found and Set Free

CD Cover "Rabah Le President"

Algerian Hip Hop

Rap Rebellion - Loud and Proud

Picasso's Siesta, © Images Modernes (photo: Eric Baudouin)

Picasso Exhibition in Istanbul

More Than a Pirouette on the Banks of the Bosporus

Faisel Laibi Sahi: Coffee Shop in Baghdad, UK, 1984 (photo: Stephan Schmidt)

Iraqi Art

A Culture in Exile

Clara Khoury in Rana's wedding

Interview Hany Abu-Assad

New Creative Impetus for the Palestinian Film

Living in no-man's-land: A film scene from "Atash" by Tawfik Abu Wael

Arab Cinema: Abu Wael's "Atash"

Realism in Unreal Places

Five activists of "Artists without Walls" at work at the wall (photo: Artists without Walls)

"Artists without Walls"

The Wall Jumpers

Filmstill "The Blood of My Brother" by Andrew Berends

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Camera on Terror