Amin Maalouf (photo: dpa)

Amin Maalouf

A Tree Needs Roots; a Human Being Doesn't

Devotional objects on display before the Naqashaband Mosque in Bukhara (photo: AP)

Farewell to the Orient

The Paradigm of Islamic Civilization

Erich Maria Remarque

Remarque Peace Prize to Palestinian and Israeli

Mahmud Darwish and Dan Bar-On Awarded

Blumentopf: Germany's hip-hop ambassadors to the Middle East (photo: DW)

Blumentopf Tours the Middle East

German Hip Hop Culture in the Holy Land

Street scene in Saddar, Pakistan (photo: Irin News)

Literature in Pakistan

Change and Stagnation Occur Simultaneously

Bettina Braun and Kais (photo: Marion Hetzel)

Film Portrait of Young Muslims in Germany

"I'm My Own Country!"

Helena Waldmann in Ramallah

"The Gaza Strip Is a Prison Without a Ceiling"

Scene from "Occupied Territories", photo: Zohreh Soleimani

Fajr Theater Festival in Teheran

"Occupied Territories" Straddling a Minefield

French-German cultural centre in Ramallah

Franco-German Cultural Center Ramallah

"We Point out Ways to Overcome Differences"

Book cover 'Goethe and the Islam' by Katharina Mommsen

Katharina Mommsen

Goethe's Orient Investigated

Logo: '9th İstanbul Biennial', &copy

The 9th Istanbul Biennial

Istanbul - a Gravitation Center for Modern Art

What was long considered "decadent Western art" is now being exhibited at the Teheran Museum for Contemporary Art

New Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Teheran

Unusual Images for the Islamic Republic

"Oriental Garden" in Berlin, photo: Stefan Schmidt

"Oriental Garden" in Berlin

Visitors Flock to Garden of Paradise

Photo: Ikhlas Abbis

Copyright and the Arab Publisher

A Catch-22 Situation: Caught between Censorship and a Weak Book Market

Sylvia Frei-Belhassan (photo: Beat Stauffer)

Villa des Arts in Casablanca

No Room for Contemporary Art

Bernard Lewis (photo: Princeton University)

Book Review Bernard Lewis

"The Anger of the Arab World"

Film still "Underexposure" (photo:

Oday Rasheed's "Underexposure"

Blinking Incredulously at the Sun

CD cover Vol. I

Palestinian Hip-Hop

"Put down the Stone, Pick up the Mic"

photo: Mobile Mini Circus for Children

Mobile Mini Circus for Children

Making Mullahs Smile

Ethnoah sees its diversity as its strength, photo:


Singing in Turkish and in Hebrew