Migrant Literature in Germany

An Unmistakable Intercultural Diversity

Cover of Sami Yusuf´s last album

Islamic Music between Pop Songs and Hip-Hop

If George W. Bush Were Muslim

Book Fair Cairo (photo: AP)

Book Culture in the Arab Society

The Middle Is Losing Ground

Director Uluçay shooting Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds, (photo: &copy Mitosfilm 2006)

Ahmet Uluçay's "Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds"

Can Watermelons Float on Water?

Turkish-German comedian Kaya Yanar (photo: &copy

Multilingualism and Identity

"Hey Mate, Have You i-Pod with You?"

'Veer - Zaara' (photo: yashrajfilms)

The Hindu-Muslim Conflict in Bollywood Films

The Religious Conflict as a Blockbuster

Sabiha Sumar's "Silent Waters"

Women Against the Current

Rayda Jacobs (l.) and Imraan Coovadia (photo: Almuth Schellpeper)

Muslim Authors at the First South African Book Fair

Variety as a Community Reality

Filmstill "Offside" (image: &copy Jafar Panahi)

Interview with Jafar Panahi

Offside Rules

Siddiq Barmak, Foto: DELPHI FILMVERLEIH GmbH

Interview with Siddiq Barmak

An Afghan View of Suffering

Pramoedya Ananta Toer (photo: Unionsverlag)

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Indonesian Author Leaves Blueprint for Pluralism

Abdullah Abu Sayeed

Abdullah Abu Sayeed

Magsaysay Prize for Social Engagement

Scene from "Offside": Iranian female soccer fan accompanied by fan dummie (photo: &copy Berlinale)

Jafar Panahi's "Offside"

Protected from the Profanities of the Bellowing Fans

Tunisia's Santos, left, is congratulated by teammate Jawhar Mnari after scoring the opening goal during the Confederations Cup Group A soccer match between Australia and Tunisia in Leipzig, Germany June 2005 (photo: AP)

Tunisia's National Soccer Team

Not Shining but Persisting

Rajaa Al Sanie (photo: AP)

Interview with Rajaa Al-Sanie

"Change Is Inevitable in Any Society"

Emmanuel Jal (photo: Max Annas)

Rap Music from the Sudan

Emmnuel Jal's Vision of Peace

Cover of German issue of "Earth and Ashes"

Portrait Atiq Rahimi

Sooner Mysticicm than Jihad

Elia Suleiman in "Divine Intervention" (photo: &copy artechock film)

Arab Cinema

Beyond Entertainment

Afghan author, Spôjmai Zariâb (photo: Michael Kirsten)

Short Stories by Spôjmai Zariâb

Snapshots of Afghan Life

Tareq Al Nasser and the Jordanian ensemble "Rum" in the desert (photo: Orientations)

Tareq Al Nasser and the Ensemble Rum

The Desert as Inspiration