EU officials want to improve the integration of ethnic minorities (photo: Bilderbox)

EU Tackles Integration Issues

Trying to Bridge Gaps on a Political Level

Suad Amiry, photo: ai

Suad Amiry

"Not Without My Mother-in-Law"

Study on Corruption

Bangladesh the Second-most Corrupt Country

Picture: Hitler making a radio address, illustration by Raimo Bergt

National Socialism


Are Arabs Turning a Blind Eye to History?

Dividing the nation, dividing the cabinet: premier Ariel Sharon (photo: AP)


Pull-out from Gaza Is Not a Historic Decision

Logo Zochrot

"Nakba in Hebrew"

Israelis Commemorate the Fate of the Palestinians

Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Hassan Rowhani (photo: AP)

Iran's Nuclear Program

Teheran to Consider EU Nuclear Demands

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, photo: AP

The Test of Seculiarism

Prime Minister Erdogan says Turkey is doing its best to meet entry criteria (photo: DPA)

"A Change in Mentality Is Needed!"

Not all the member states are in favor of Turkey in the EU, photo: AP

Turkey Membership Splits EU

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (photo: AP)

Turkish Government in a Catch-22 Situation

photo: AP

Negotiations Should Begin!

Demonstration in Cairo, photo: AP

Ahmed Abdallah

The Middle East – Despair as a Spectacle

Yudhoyono and his wife entering the presidential palace after inauguration (photo: AP)

Elections in Indonesia

New President Yudhoyono Faces Difficult Tasks

Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant, southwest of Tehran (photo: AP)

Iran's Nuclear Program

Teheran Will Consider EU Nuclear Offer

Iran tested the new Shahab-3 ahead of showdown talks with the EU, photo: AP

Iran's Nuclear Program

Tehran Defiant Ahead of EU Talks

Leyla Zana is seen by many Kurds as an icon of their cause (photo: AP)

EU Sakharov Prize

Leyla Zana Waits Nine Years to Accept Award

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei (photo: AP)

Political Reforms in Brunei

Parliamentary Elections as a Fig Leaf?


French Lawmakers Debate Turkish EU Bid

Turkish authorities are now in charge of Kaplan, photo: AP


Kaplan Ouster Is Good for All