Turkey - the EU's bridge to Asia, photo: AP

Ankara Changes Laws to Meet EU Standards

Sudanese Vice President Ali Osman Taha and the leader of the People’s Liberation Army, John Garang (photo: AP)

Peace Deal for Sudan

Not Much More Than Ink on Paper?

Muslims in Marseille, photo: Markus Kirchgessner

Is Allah a Frenchman?

France and the Challenge Posed by Islam

Sri Lankan Red Cross members unload relief supplies at the coastal city of Galle, photo: AP

Tsunami in Asia

Where is the Muslim Support?

Setting himself apart from Arafat without really distancing. Up until now, Abas' receipe has proved successful (photo: AP)

Palestinian Presidential Election

A Vote for Peaceful Struggle

Jytte Klausen (photo: Café Babel)

Muslim Elite in Europe

Islam Refers to Faith and Identity

Israeli activists attaching stickers with peace slogans to the wall (photo: www.geneva-accord.de)

Middle East Conflict

A New Initiative for Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue

Eyal Ofer's "Die Mauer, Israel – Palästina", Melzer Verlag, 2004

Middle East Conflict

The Inner Wall Will Continue to Grow

Presidential front-runner Abbas kisses a young girl during a campaign rally in central Gaza Strip, photo: AP

Palestinian Presidential Elections

A Window of Opportunity?


Holland Is Everywhere

Amnesty International considers the conditions in Belmarsh prison "cruel, inhuman and degrading" (photo: AP)

UK's Anti Terror Law

Guantánamo in Britain's Backyard

After the celebration, questions and doubts still remain (photo: AP)

EU Accession Talks

Turkey Sobers up after EU Dream

Human rights activists in Turkey have been suppressed and prosecuted for decades - now it seems this era has come to an end (photo: AP)


The Long March

photo: dpa

Udo Steinbach/Hans-Ulrich Wehler

Experts Debate Turkey's Role in Europe

There's lots of activity on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (photo: AP)


Good Times at the Stock Exchange

Would-be immigrants wait at the port of the southern Italian island of Lampedusa (photo: AP)

EU Asylum Policy

Europe Closes its Doors


EU Still at Odds over Turkey Joining

France's imams should be able to speak French, says Dominique de Villepin (photo: AP)


University Courses for Muslim Prayer Leaders

Glass Dome of the German Bundestag (photo: AP)

Arab World Days

Opportunities for a Change in Perspective

Democratisation in the Arab world currently has a very low priority for Western politics, says Amr Hamzawy (photo: private)

The Arab Reform Movement

Taking Stock after One Year