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Men leave the Green Mosque in Balkh, Afghanistan, after Friday prayers (image: Marian Brehmer)

750th anniversary of Rumi's death – Part 3

On Rumi's trail in Afghanistan

American vocalist and songwriter Galeet Dardashti (image: Galeet Dardashti)

Galeet Dardashti's "Monajat"

Dedicated to Muslims and Jews everywhere

Islamic consultant Hussein Hamdan (image: Paul Kreiner/Catholic Academy Rottenburg-Stuttgart)

Muslims in Europe and conflict resolution

Meet Germany's first Islamic affairs consultant

The shrine of Bullhe Shah (image: Marian Brehmer)

Introducing Sufism

A longing deep within us

Mekaal Hasan Band (source: Mekaal Hasan Band Facebook page)

Showcasing music from Pakistan

Back to the roots

Cover of Tayfun Guttstadt's album "Tarapzade" (source:

Dialogue of cultures

Tarapzade – "Seek it in yourself"

Karachi street scene, Pakistan (image: Imago/Xinhua)

"Sufi Hotel" by Juergen Frembgen

Karachi's hidden underbelly

Whirling dervishes in Konya, Turkey (image: Marian Brehmer)

The future of Islamic mysticism

Is Sufism under threat?

Young Sufis celebrate the birthday of Imam al Hussein in Saida Zeinab, Cairo (image: Hassanein Hamady)

Sufism in Egypt

Cairo's mystic revival

Symbolic image: child marriage (image: Christoph Hardt/Future Image/Imago)

Forced marriage in Turkey

Turkish state fails child bride in sect marriage

Image of Rumi on a marketplace (photo: Marian Brehmer)

New release to mark 750th anniversary of Rumi's death

Complete edition of the "Masnavi" in German

Cover of Gudrun Kramer's "Der Architekt des Islamismus. Hasan al-Banna und die Muslimbrüder" (published by C.H. Beck)

Hasan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood

Who was the architect of Islamism?