In brief

Saudi reform drive confronts jobs challenge

US will welcome target of 10,000 Syria refugees

″Muslim Girls Making Change″ spread messages through poetry

Egypt orders Muslim preachers to deliver identical weekly sermons

Syria army foils rebel bid to reopen Aleppo supply line

Iraq war was illegal, says Blair's former deputy

W. Sahara independence movement elects new leader

Hundreds march in Yangon over official label for Muslim minority

Turks cross Cyprus divide for Eid prayers

Children's character Curious George discovers Ramadan

Restless Myanmar state sees mass anti-Muslim protests

Suicide motorcycle bomb strikes Indonesia police station

UN warns of renewed cycle of sectarian strife in Iraq

Muslim world condemns Saudi holy site bombing

Dhaka attack neighbourhood falls silent ahead of Eid

What's at stake in Britain's Iraq war inquiry

Pentagon: anti-IS plans remain unchanged after Baghdad bombing

Saudi-funded mosque opens in Nice after long struggle

Cornucopia of nuts and spices as Afghans ready their Eid feast

'Mosque-mobile' makes praying easier in gridlocked Jakarta

Hajj pilgrims to get e-bracelets for safety

Multiple suicide blasts hit Saudi Arabia

Cuba's small Muslim community to mark end of Ramadan

Iranian director Kiarostami dies in France at 76

Two-state Israeli-Palestinian solution slipping away, claims UN official

Bangladesh blames local militants for killings

White house says Baghdad attacks strengthen U.S. resolve in Iraq

UAE tells citizens to avoid national dress while abroad after man held in U.S.

US judge tosses suit against Fethullah Gulen

Swiss court fines Muslim man for blocking daughters' swimming lessons

Egypt president calls for reforms to counter extremists

Major terrorist attacks in Turkey since 2015

Iranians pray for peace on holy night

Firebomb attack outside Australian mosque

Israel and Turkey agree to normalise ties

Turkish police fire tear gas in Istanbul to disperse Gay Pride activists

Vatican and Turkey locked in Armenian genocide row

Iran’s Khamenei: Bahrain's move against top cleric risks violence

Breaking Ramadan fast the Sudanese way

Iran cracks down on "vulgar Western" dog owners

Violence at rival Australian immigration protests

Indonesia tries to steer convicted militants to new lives

German nationalist party hails Brexit as "great service to Europe"

In Cairo, heat and long days test Ramadan faithful

Bulgaria clamps down on radical Islamists

Pre-dawn Koran readings stoke fears over Istanbul's Hagia Sophia

Pakistan Sufi singer Amjad Sabri gunned down in Karachi

Pakistani man charged with blasphemy over shoes with Hindu symbol

In Chicago, Muslim and gay rights leaders take on Trump

Ramadan-time Euro 2016 fever sweeps Arab world

Pakistan bans Ramadan TV shows for discussing blasphemy

Iraq faces humanitarian disaster after Fallujah breakthrough