In brief

Libya's parliament rebuffs pressure to accept UN deal

Morocco expels two Amnesty International researchers

French mother sues government for letting son join Syria jihad

Indonesia's Aceh bans women from nightspots after 11 p.m.

EU leaders push Libya's warring factions over peace deal

Swedish Foreign Minister says Saudi lashing sentence for blogger is "medieval"

Turkey cabinet resigns after polls blow

Deadly clashes rock Turkey's biggest Kurdish city after polls

Mali's Tuareg-led rebels to sign peace deal on 20 June

Morocco expels two French women after topless gay rights protest

Obama: Netanyahu's Palestine stance erodes Israel's credibility

Egypt's al-Sisi on state visit to Germany

Gunmen kill nine Afghan employees of Czech charity

UN envoy decries Syria regime raids as dozens killed

Comic book "guardians" to steer young Pakistanis away from extremism

Prophet cartoon won't appear on Washington's public transport

Egypt: 2,600 killed since Morsi ousted

US high court backs Muslim woman denied job at Abercrombie

French far-right leader says Egypt visit failed to change immigration view

Soccer: Palestine drops motion to have Israel suspended from FIFA

Crowds gather for anti-Islam demonstration outside Phoenix mosque

France's Le Pen hails Egypt's battle against "extremism"

Indonesia to send Rohingya children to Islamic boarding schools

Libya issues warning after PM escapes assassination

Former British PM Blair resigns as Middle East envoy

Erdogan promises private jet for top Muslim cleric

Bangladesh bans Islamist group after blogger killings

Croatia arts festival to stage Houellebecq play after all

Malaysia finds 139 graves in extensive migrant "detention" camps

Dutch cabinet backs partial Islamic burqa ban

Malaysia and Indonesia will take in migrants

Anti-Muslim film back up on YouTube after court ruling

Top cartoonist Luz to leave "Charlie Hebdo"

Morocco king eases restrictions on abortion for incest and rape

French conservatives reject mayor who wants to ban Islam

Croatia festival cancels Houellebecq play on security concerns

Morsi mass trial death sentence alarms US and EU

Vatican recognition of Palestine could fuel European debate

Shia militias converge on Iraqi city of Ramadi after IS takeover

Morocco health minister says he favours abortion

Dire situation in Libya driving dangerous crossings, says Amnesty

Motorcycle gunmen kill 43 in bus attack in Karachi, Pakistan

Protest in Bangladesh over blogger's "evil" murder

Palestinian FA to press for FIFA ban on Israel

1,600 Rohingyas and other refugees land in Indonesia and Malaysia

Hundreds flocked to Tunisia for Jewish festival

Egyptian Court sentences Mubarak and sons to 3 years in prison

Texas attack inspired but not directed by IS

Geert Wilders plans Muhammad exhibition after US shootings

Indonesian regency separates sexes in schools

Congo-Brazzaville bans Muslim women from wearing full veil

Anger as Algeria pores over new alcohol measures