Women take part to a demonstration in Lille against the kidnapping of two journalists, photo: Bernard Schmid


Headscarf Ban Enforced in Public Schools

Women's Rights Strengthened

Turkey Changes Laws to Meet EU Standards

jubilation after AKP´s victory in Istanbul, Foto: AFP

How Moderate Are the Islamists of Turkey's AKP?

What Is Turkey Willing to Do for Europe?

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan delivered a speech during a ceremony in the police headquarters in Istanbul, Foto: AP

Istanbul Blasts Trigger EU Membership Debate

Foto: AP, Turkish police continue to ignore rules and the rights of prisoners, according to the report.

Foreign Ministry Report Said to Allege Torture

Hostage Crisis in Iraq

Reclaiming Islam from the Radicals

Bernd Erbel, photo: AP


Bernd Erbel: Germany's New Ambassador to Iraq

Interview Yaacob Ibrahim

Economic Success Helps Maintain Harmony

Saudi civil defense personnel search for bodies in the debris of the Al-Hamra compound following an explosion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on 13 May, 2002 (photo: AP)

Saudi Arabia

Providing the Discourse That Attracts Terrorists

Study asserts: western nations have violated human rights as e.g. in Guantanamo

German Institute for Human Rights

Study Sees Human Rights Violated in Terror Fight

The African dilemma: an unrealiable political class and no raw materials or oil interests of the West at stake (photo: AP)


Africa Is Not a Priority in the West

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia's official offer of sympathy was downturned by the Awami, Bangladesh's opposition party (photo: AP)


Germany Condemns Attack on Opposition Party

Controversial Israeli settlements could be cleared or expanded (photo: AP)

Opinion Peter Philipp

Bush Plays Own Fiddle in Mideast

In many cases, Karthoum has cut off Darfur refugees from NGO aid (photo: AP)


Aid Agencies Face Increasing Odds

As the country moves closer to Europe, the military is slowly giving up its role as "protector of the republic" (photo: AP)


First Civilian as Head of National Security Council

Iraqi women crowd the entrance to the Passport Authority in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2004. As Iraq works to take its first faltering steps towards democracy and transparency, its bureaucracy has become even more riddled with corruption, dishonesty and favoritism than its was under the previous regime. (photo: AP)

Reforms in the Arab World

"Corruption Is Just a Different Kind of Tax"

Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin says binationalism is the only solution - for now (photo: Youssef Hijazi)

Interview Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin

"I Feel Responsible for the Victims of Zionism"

photo: AP


Funds not Used for Palestinian Terror

Kurnaz was born in Germany, his family lives in Bremen (photo: DW-World)


Bremen Guantanamo Inmate's Fate Unclear