Iranian President Khatami and European Union foreign policy chief Solana in Teheran, photo: AP

EU and Iran

Europe's Controversial Diplomacy

Poppy field in Afghanistan, photo: AP


Dilemmas of Fighting Drugs

Iraqi Elections

Shiites, Kurds Dominate Iraq Vote

Turkey still has to resolve its Kurdish issue (photo: ap)


Kurdish Issue Unresolved

photo: dpa

Dual Citizenship

German Citizens Face Expatriation

Among the ruling class, Crown Prince Abdallah is the one most ready to support reforms, analysts say (photo: dpa)

International Conference on Terrorism

Meeting of Security Experts in Riyadh

The rapid embrace of the "new Ghaddafi" by Romano Prodi demonstrated clearly that the EU was at least as interested in Libya as the other way round (photo: AP)

How to Deal with the "New Ghaddafi"?

Opportunities and Risks in Rapprochement

Islamic scholars in Ghom, Iran's theological hotbed (photo: dpa)

Religious Reformist Thinkers in Iran

Intellectually Victorious, but Politically Defeated

Iran's Nuclear Program

Military Threat to Ensure Successful Negotiation?

German politicians agree that the elections were a victory for Iraq (photo: AP)

Iraqi Elections

Germany United in Praise for Iraq

Ferhad Ibrahim (photo: dpa)

Iraqi Elections

Civil War Is Possible

Female students walk past an campaign poster in Baghdad, Iraq (photo: AP)

Iraqi Elections

Female Candidates Target of Violence

Four German cities, including Berlin, have set up polling places (photo: AP)

Iraqi Elections

Voting for the Country's Future from Abroad

The US and Israel say Iran's nuclear program is a global threat (photo: AP)

Iran's Nuclear Program

Playing With Fire

Exemption from punishment for "penitent" terrorists? Massacred civilians in the Algerian city of Berrouaghia, February 2001, photo: AP

Radical Islamism in Algeria

The Men Who Benefited from the Civil War

Wedding dresses on display at a Kabul shop, photo: Sabine Fründt

Private Investment in Afghanistan

"Afghans Are Traders, Not Producers"

Emomali Rahmonov, president of Tajikistan (photo: AP)

Islamists in Tajikistan

Fragile Peace Teetering on the Brink

Iraqis register in Berlin (photo: dpa)

Exile Voting

Germany Sets up Voting Stations for Iraqis

Signing up for democracy, photo: dpa

Exile Voting

A Democratic Dream for Germany's Iraqis

Many European citizens are sceptical about letting Turkey on to the train to accession (photo: AP)

EU Governments at Odds with Their People