In brief

UN sends aid to Syria as Turkey calls for ground operation

Australian PM leaves door open to sending refugees to New Zealand

Bangladesh arrests publisher for "offensive" book on Islam

Gay teacher in Birmingham is transforming a Muslim school

Crimean Tatars outraged as Russia charges four with ″terrorism″

Australian hospital refuses to return asylum baby to Nauru

Scandinavia's first women-led mosque opens in Denmark

Israeli police look to appoint first Muslim deputy commissioner

World powers agree ″cessation of hostilities″ in Syria

Scores of Nigerian Shia Muslims charged after army clashes

Pakistan bans Valentine′s Day as ″insult to Islam″

Indonesia bans ″gay″ emojis on messaging apps

Pakistani Oscar-nominated film tackles ″honour″ killings

Violence fears in Philippines after Muslim peace setback

US professor leaves Christian college after hijab row

Wisconsin company fires seven Muslim workers in prayer break dispute

Two Difaf publications make the Arabic Fiction shortlist

Anti-Islam groups rally across Europe

Poll reveals half of US population thinks 'some' Muslims are anti-American

Bosnians protest against hijab ban in judiciary

Top Iraq Shia cleric to end weekly political messages

Canadian who says he fought Islamic State detained in Australia

Australia may crack down on Syrian refugees

US weighs options as IS presence soars in Libya

Philippine leader says Muslim peace bid to continue after his term

French mag scraps cartoon in Senegal row on Islam, handbags and gays

Aid chief David Miliband calls for one million jobs for Syria refugees

Mystery surrounds Muslim cleric in US mountain compound

Syria peace talks in trouble after intense Russian strikes

Saudi court quashes death sentence for "apostate" Ashraf Fayadh

First mosque in the United States built by an American Muslim woman

″Danish Girl″ banned in five more Arab countries

Minaret and Muslims in Mexican city set to host pope

Pakistani cleric says willing to review blasphemy law

Rivalries and squabbling hinder Libya's unity government

Syria's peace talks in limbo as opposition stays away

2016 campaign a season of discomfort for US Muslims

Egyptian female writer jailed for insulting Islam

Gay rights group to open centre for LGBT asylum seekers in Berlin

Indonesian extremist groups getting international financing says minister

Australian charged with possession of al-Qaida terror manual

France vows to maintain ″order″ in Calais

Egypt's al-Sisi on 2011 uprising anniversary: democracy needs time

Kenyans honour Muslim man who shielded Christians in attack

Tunisia imposes nationwide curfew after protests over unemployment

Amazon gives revenue from anti-Islam group song to refugees

Syria talks "likely" delayed as opposition quarrels

Organisation of Islamic Co-operation condemns attacks on Saudi missions in Iran

IS radio beams threatening propaganda across rural Afghanistan

New Yorkers file $11m lawsuit over plane eviction

Hamtramck, a 12-mosque town in the heart of America

Danish town makes pork mandatory in public institutions