In brief

Trump promises strong America

Germany's divided anti-migrant AfD alarmed by poll dip

NY museums wage cultural war against Trump prejudice

Muslim and Christian clerics convene co-existence meeting

Burkina parties for top film festival a year after attacks

Egypt's parliament expels lawmaker critical of human rights record

UN defends refugee vetting as Trump mulls revised entry ban

Turkey jails German journalist on terrorism charges

Mahershala Ali becomes first Muslim actor to win Oscar

Woman journalist says being targeted by Sudan Islamic hardliners

Muhammad Ali Jr. says airport detention made him feel "violated"

UN envoy urges action to end Rohingya suffering

Shrine to Islamist murderer reveals Pakistan's challenges

Israeli prime minister meets Australian opposition leader

Dutch immigrants' party challenging the far-right

Muslims raise over $91,000 for vandalised Jewish cemetery in Missouri

The Lake Chad region: 'Africa's most acute crisis'

Saudi's first Comic-Con fest penalised for 'violation'

Sacked Turkish academics take protest to the streets

Sunni Islam's Al-Azhar in Cairo dialogue with Vatican

British IS bomber was ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee

Canada to welcome 1,200 Yazidi refugees from Iraq

Iran on mission to Saudi Arabia to rejoin Hajj amid tensions

Israeli soldier gets 18 months for killing Palestinian

Egypt's Sisi and Jordan's Abdullah reaffirm support for two-state solution

France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

Saudi Arabia and Israel present de facto united front against Iran

Immigration rallies held around US to support Muslims

Pakistan's third sex seeks a reformation

Turkish PM scorns accusations of authoritarianism

Fight against terror can't become war against Islam

Iran pushes for dialogue with Gulf Arab states

Avant-garde mosque in Lebanon to preach coexistence

Muslim groups criticise Wilders' 'Moroccan scum' comments

London's mayor calls for Trump's state visit to be cancelled

Pope Francis: "No people is criminal and no religion is terrorist"

Egypt appoints 1st female governor

Syrian regime and Syrian rebels attend fresh Russian-backed talks

Trump drops US commitment to 'two-state' Middle East deal

Security crackdown as Pakistan mourns Sufi shrine victims

French presidential frontrunner Macron under fire over Algeria comments

French presidential frontrunner Macron under fire over Algeria comments

Dutch lawmaker insists on 'de-Islamisation'

Sold into marriage: how Rohingya girls become child brides in Malaysia

Pamuk interview 'scrapped' over Erdogan plan opposition

Turkish police detain more than 500 people in operations targeting PKK

Trump welcomes Israel's Netanyahu for Middle East talks

Tolerance test as Muslim Indonesia's capital votes

Olympics: Trump immigration storm buffets LA 2024 bid

New talks seek to end Syria's war after nearly six years

At NY fashion week, hijabs top looks fit for royalty

Syria opposition picks delegation for new peace talks