In brief

Indonesia's 'everyman' leader Widodo on track to beat firebrand ex-general

Sudan's Darfur refugees wonder when their turn will come

Algerians rally to demand top union chief resign

Egypt sets date for referendum on extending Sisi's rule

Malaysia probes ʹde-hijabbingʹ event

Second phase of voting begins in India with Kashmir in lockdown

Turkish opposition takes control of Istanbul, tho' re-run appeal still pending

UN in negotiations on Libyan ceasefire

Saudi court resumes high-profile trial of women activists

Algerian protests loosen stranglehold on media

Sudan's interim military council fires three top public prosecutors

Indonesian voters decide between moderate and ex-general

Volunteer doctors and cooks help Sudanese keep up protests

Omar raises $830K for re-election despite Trump backlash

Christianity grows in Syrian town once besieged by Islamic State

Pakistan watchdog decries forced conversions and curbs on media

Top Algerian official quits as students keep up protest

Demonstrators continue protest outside Sudan's military headquarters

Egypt inmates dread noose as executions rise under Sisi

UN envoy holds 'substantial' talks with Syria FM in Damascus

Religious symbols proposal ignites fiery debate in Quebec

Algerian judges and lawyers push for post-Bouteflika overhaul

Indonesians to vote in world's biggest single-day election

Islamic State claims deadly Pakistan fruit market bombing

Democrats defend Ilhan Omar after Trump retweets video against her

Thousands of Pakistanis form human chain in image of Christchurch mosque

Algerians rally to demand interim president step down

Sudan army ousts Bashir, yet protestors vow further demos

Internet monitor: Egypt blocks campaign site opposing constitutional change

Big turnout for India's giant election, where Modi has the edge

Libya forces battle for Tripoli despite UN truce calls

Turkey bans elected pro-Kurdish mayors from taking office

Algerian interim president promises free elections

Netanyahu on path for victory in Israeli election

Pressure on Bashir builds as calls for Sudan transition grow

German woman on trial over death of 5-year-old Yazidi slave girl

UN postpones Libya talks as violence rages

UN refugee chief sees more 'poison' focused against migrants

Dubai's "Quranic Park" draws on Islam's holy text

Indonesian loses blasphemy appeal over mosque loudspeaker complaint

Malaysia continues to grapple with death penalty abolition

Algeria's parliament to meet on Tuesday to elect interim president

New Zealand PM Ardern details top-level inquiry into mosque attacks

Libya's UN-backed government launches counter-attack in Tripoli

Dozens protest in London against Brunei's anti-gay laws

Gaddafiʹs son can face crimes against humanity case: ICC judges

Thousands protest outside Sudan army HQ in face of tear gas

Russia blocks UN Libya statement singling out Haftar's forces

Hindu nationalists hope to consolidate power in Indian vote

Second group of Rohingya Muslims found on Malaysian beach

Israel to close Gaza and West Bank access for election

Pakistan′s post-International Women's Day feminist firestorm