In brief

German 'Islamic State' bride sentenced to 6 years in prison

Syrian Kurdish official: deal for Syrian army to enter Afrin

Al-Qaida urges Egyptians to topple government as Egypt preps for vote

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan hospitalised in France

Netanyahu warns Iran 'not to test Israel's resolve'

New Indonesia web system blocks more than 70,000 "negative" sites

German-Turkish journalist Yucel released from jail pending trial

Morocco adopts law on violence against women

Saudi religious leader says Muslims can celebrate Valentine's Day

Germany's Turks to file complaint against far-right politician

Prominent Egyptian Islamist critic ordered held for 15 days

Pakistan bans charities linked to founder of militant group

Austria's far-right Freedom Party sets up panel to examine its past

Syria suffering some of worst fighting of war, UN warns

Egypt arrests aide to barred presidential challenger

Former cricket great Imran Khan seeks election glory in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia stages its first mixed theatrical show

Friend or foe? Assad quietly aids Syrian Kurds against Turkey

'Spot a gay' list in Malaysian newspaper sparks outrage

Bulldozed Rohingya villages deepen fears Myanmar is erasing history

Saudia Arabia to relinquish control of Brussels mosque

UN refugee chief warns against 'internationalisation' of Syrian conflict

Turkey launches terrorism probe against Kurdish opposition leader

Egypt bars Arabic version of U.S. comedy over 'ethical' violations

Israel begins telling African migrants to leave

Islam scholar Tariq Ramadan charged with rape

Erdogan heads to Italy to discuss Jerusalem with pope

Aid groups warn against forced refugee returns

White Helmets: fresh attack by Syrian regime using chlorine gas

Islamic theologian Ramadan held in Paris over rape allegations

Egypt's Sisi warns opponents as calls to boycott election build

Morality push may outlaw sex outside marriage in Indonesia

Turkey detains Amnesty chief after court orders release

U.S. extends protected status for some 7,000 Syrians

Obscure politician is face-saving challenger in Egypt vote

Turkey orders detention of 11 top doctors over criticism of Syrian offensive

Syria congress delayed as Russia talks with rebel groups

Tunisia police disperse LGBT protesters

UN envoy says Syria talks at 'very critical moment'

Trump warns Erdogan to avoid clash between U.S. and Turkish forces

Ex-Islamophobic German politician finds Allah, converts to Islam

Save the Children suspends operations in Afghanistan after IS attack

UN Palestinian agency doesn't know what reforms U.S. wants, says chief

Pakistani PM says "committed" to seizing Islamist charities

Hijab model pulls out of L'Oreal campaign over Israel tweets

UN Security Council refrains from condemning Turkey

Rohingya Muslim refugee return to Myanmar delayed

Turkish tanks roll into Syria to fight Kurdish militia

Chinese county bans schoolchildren from mosques

Pence set for warm Israeli welcome, Palestinian snub

Qatar: year of crisis spurred rights reforms

German AfD party rejected from intelligence panel