In brief

Apple economy latest casualty in strife-torn Kashmir

Sudan peace talks stall as rebel group halts talks over attack

Israel's 'daring' theatre fest turns 40

Rights groups call on Egypt authorities to free Esraa Abdel Fattah

African refugee women report surge of sex attacks in Egypt

Shelling heard around Syrian town after Turkish-U.S. ceasefire deal

Afghan refugee's 'Dream' coffee shop in Iran becomes reality

U.S. 'deeply concerned' about untraceable China ships carrying Iran oil

Yemeni government and separatists to sign deal ending Aden standoff

Turkey pushes offensive in Syria, despite sanctions and calls to stop

“Die Welt” on Europe's weak influence in Syria

Confusion and chaos reign as Trump ends U.S. presence in Syria

Egypt arrests blogger and journalist Esraa Abdel Fattah

German pianist Igor Levit dedicates award to victims of far-right terror

Outsider Saied set for landslide in Tunisia presidency

Pompeo says Orwell's '1984' coming to life in China's Xinjiang region

Turkey's Syria advance leaves Europe with foreign fighter dilemma

Iraq forms panel to investigate protester killings

Kurds announce deal with Damascus as Turkey pushes deep into Syria

Saudi Arabia opens tourist visas to U.S. and European visa holders

U.S. pulling out of northern Syria; full withdrawal possible

Xinjiang: The making of China's far-west police state

Even in death, Uighurs feel long reach of Chinese state

Macron vows 'unrelenting fight' against Islamist terror after police killings

India to allow tourists back into locked-down Kashmir

Afghanistan braces for political uncertainty in election's wake

Iraq's uprising an open crisis with no known path forward

The transported: Kashmir prisoners sent far from home

EU migration chief urges support for disembarkation plan

Protests resume in Iraq's Sadr City as uprising enters second week

Germany warns of repeat of 2015 EU migration chaos

Erdogan's aide says Turkey to start Syria offensive "shortly"

Erdogan says Syria operation can come at any moment

Police block thousands marching in Pakistani Kashmir

Pope urges compassion in elevating 13 likeminded cardinals

Saudi Arabia eases restrictions on women staying in hotels

Tunisia's legislative polls expected to deliver no clear winner

Iran arrests Instagram celebrity for 'blasphemy'

'Enemies seek to sow discord' between Iran and Iraq: Khamenei

Saudi Arabia and UAE talk military co-operation after Yemen rebel truce offer

Iraq military admits 'excessive force' used in deadly protests

Police launch probe after Gandhi cut-out defaced in India

Kashmiri journalists stage protest against "media gag"

Iraqi cleric Muqtada al Sadr suspends parliament activities

Deadly civil unrest - what is happening in Iraq?

Mali army in major clash with jihadists

'House of torture' puts focus on Islamic schools in Nigeria

Nine-year-old among nearly 150 children briefly held in Indian Kashmir

In Syria camp, uncertain future for foreign IS orphans

Tensions rise in Ladakh thanks to India's moves in Kashmir

Khashoggi memorial to be held outside Saudi consulate where he died

Muslim Brotherhood sidelined in Egypt protests