In brief

Saudi prince's future put to the test at investment forum

Barzani party tops Iraq Kurd vote despite failed independence bid

Iran gets February deadline to fix terror financing

Turkey's Erdogan to reveal 'naked truth' about Khashoggi murder

Taiwan's Mega International Commercial bank to end Taiwan-Iran clearing mechanism

Libyan Foreign Minister rejects EU's 'disembarkation platforms'

Author of critical book on Egypt's economy arrested

Germany won't export arms to Saudi 'in current situation': Merkel

Khashoggi on MbS: "A believer in himself. He doesn't believe in anybody else"

Talks on West Sahara conflict planned in Geneva in December

Final votes cast as Afghan election marked by violence and chaos ends

Curfew declared in Nigerian city after deadly sectarian violence

Afghans set to vote despite Taliban threats and corruption

Egypt denies forced disappearance reports of former lawmaker

Jail for offenders with new Tunisian anti-discrimination law

Algeria bans wearing of full-face veils at work

Iran stays quiet on Khashoggi case

Father of midwife murdered by Boko Haram hails her humanitarian work

With solar farms and roof panels, Bangladesh inches toward green power goal

Fighting in Kashmir's main city leaves 3 combatants dead

South Korea refuses refugee status for nearly 400 Yemenis

Turkish police found evidence of Khashoggi slaying

Saudi Arabia delivers $100 million pledged to U.S. as Pompeo lands in Riyadh

Gaza rocket hits home in Israel, military strikes back

China says Muslim internment camps are 'free vocational training'

German police probe terrorist link to Cologne station hostage-taking

Istanbul thrives as Arab media hub despite Khashoggi anxiety

Moscow says Syria buffer going ahead despite missed deadline

Water pollution in Iraq threatens Mandaean religious rites

Germany preparing to deport convicted September 11 suspect

Violence, vote-rigging concerns overshadow Afghan parliamentary polls

"United against racism", Germans stage mass protest against far right

Aid groups decry 'routine' killing of Yemen's civilians

New Syria law expands state regulation of religious affairs

Firebrand monk Wirathu hits back at UN and the international community

Israel approves 31 settler homes in flashpoint Hebron

Red Cross appeals for lives of abducted health workers in Nigeria

Chinese official says "sinicisation" of religion in Xinjiang must go on

Missing Khashoggi had big plans for his troubled region

Tale of two brothers reflects Syrian rebel unity and divisions

Deadline passes for Syria's Idlib buffer without jihadists leaving

Behind Bavaria's harsh rhetoric, schools offer migrants warm welcome

Khashoggi's disappearance hardens U.S. Congress stance on Saudi arms deals

Egyptian police question and release son of jailed ex-president Morsi

Celebrity Jewish-Arab wedding stirs mixed feelings in Israel

Turks cite video and audio evidence to bolster claim of Khashoggi murder

Plight of stranded Syrians worsens as food blocked

Hardliners threaten judges as Pakistan awaits ruling in Asia Bibi case

Syria Kurds say they hold 900 foreign IS fighters

Journalist's disappearance forces Trump hand on Saudi Arabia

Activist's art offers rare glimpse inside Egypt's prisons

China launches anti-halal campaign in Xinjiang