In brief

Iraq court orders arrest of Kurd independence vote organisers

Austrian 'burka ban' confuses police – and sharks

Indian child brides sold in 'package deals' to men from Gulf states

Iran councillor suspended amid religious minority row

Austria poised to shift right as 31-year-old Kurz seeks leadership

Malaysian sultans in rare intervention on intolerance

Criticism as Iran picks anti-war film directed by woman for Oscars

100,000 more Rohingya wait to cross border into Bangladesh

Cinders and desolation in Iraq's Hawija after IS

Turkey Amnesty activists risk up to 15 years in jail: indictment

UN increases aid request after concern over Rohingya rights abuses

Red Cross decries worst Syria violence since Aleppo battle

Erdogan says Turkey will 'soon' close borders with Iraqi Kurdistan

Amnesty: Europe returning more Afghans despite violence

UNHCR alarmed at violence against Rohingyas in Sri Lanka

Austria's ban on full-face veils comes into force

Move over Superman: U.N. taps superheroine Burka Avenger to fight extremism

Egypt puts 17 men on trial for homosexuality

UN meeting on Myanmar spotlights Security Council divisions

Turkey's Erdogan links fate of detained U.S. pastor to wanted cleric Gulen

Two Indian Kashmir activists win Norway′s Rafto Prize for human rights

Egyptian court hands fresh life sentence to Muslim Brotherhood leader

Kurdish independence vote damages U.S. efforts to preserve unified Iraq

UNHCR chief appeals for more aid for 'desperate' Rohingya situation

Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive for 1st time next year

Ashura: why the holy day brings fear for Afghan Shias

Iraqi PM gives Kurdistan ultimatum on airports, threatens flight ban

Palestinian PM to visit Gaza for reconciliation efforts

Turkey vows to take "all measures" if Iraqi Kurdish referendum endangers security

Merkel faces tricky coalition talks, hard-right 'earthquake'

Trump replaces travel ban with new restrictions

Iraqi Kurds vote in referendum on independence from Baghdad

Iran's Rouhani vows to strengthen missiles despite U.S. warnings

After migrant influx, voters ask: what makes a German?

Anti-migrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Merkel: Germany's AfD

French businessman pledges to pay Austrian face veil fines

Study reveals Muslims 'attached' to Europe despite discrimination

Australian anti-Islam senator argues for plebiscite on burka ban

Iraqi Kurds pressure Baghdad with referendum bid

Saudi Shura Council to vote on curbing autonomy of morality police

German nationalist party presents anti-Islam platform

Bangladesh restricts movement of 400,000 Rohingya refugees

In Algeria, taboos and law deter organ donors

Uproar in Turkey over removing evolution from biology class

Watchdog: Saudi children 'being taught hatred' in religion class

Tunisia repeals ban on Muslim women's marriage of non-Muslims

Amid bitter feud, Erdogan weighs in on German election

Saudi calls for social media informants decried as "Orwellian"

Austria's far right woos voters with restrictive migration policies

Iran arrests sect members over Taheri death penalty protests

Turkey court keeps opposition newspaper staff in custody

U.N. refugee agency urges Hungary to join EU migrant quota plan