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Syria's 'cat man' brings hope to abandoned animals in Idlib

Iran's Khamenei backs Yemen's Houthi movement and calls for dialogue

U.S. and Turkey begin work to create Syria buffer zone

Pakistan's premier Imran Khan visits Kashmir as tensions boil with India

Kashmir outposts divided over status change

Saudi-UAE 'rift' weakens fight against common Yemen foe

Kashmir's main city a maze of razor wire and steel barriers

Uneasy calm in Indian Kashmir on Islamic festival day

Saudi coalition wobbles as separatists take over Yemen's Aden

Morocco compensates hundreds of rights victims from 1956-99

Islamic State vows to step up fight against Syria Kurds and coalition

Groups urge probe of jail conditions of U.S. citizen in Egypt

Nearly 100 candidates in race to become Tunisia president

Syria regime gains ground in deadly Idlib push

Pakistan PM says world inaction on Kashmir like appeasing Hitler

Trump words linked to more hate crime? Some experts think so

Turkey says deal with U.S. for safe zone in Syria a good start

Over 2 million Muslims in Mecca for start of hajj pilgrimage

Chechnya sends ex-IS women into schools, not jails

Kashmir curfew to be eased for Friday prayers: police

No phone calls, no groceries: Kashmir on edge under lockdown

Pakistani foreign minister visiting China to discuss Kashmir

Iran 'favours' talks despite Trump snub

5 months on, Christchurch attacker influences El Paso shooter

IS 'resurging' in Syria as U.S. pulls troops says watchdog

Tabourida horseback show keeps Morocco tradition alive

No going back to Taliban repression, Afghan businesswomen say

Sudan's landmark pact: democracy in the making

Armed soldiers patrol silent streets after Kashmir curfew

Civilians killed in Syria after failed Idlib truce

Pakistan premier Imran Khan vows to challenge India over Kashmir move

Re-drawn map may set off more change in Indian-ruled Kashmir

"Nothing but blood": woman cartoonist draws Syria's Idlib

Algerian protesters pledge civil disobedience in mass rally

Sudan generals and protesters sign deal paving way for civilian rule

Trump tweets and stays out of sight for hours after shootings

Indonesian walks 700-km backwards to highlight deforestation

Q&A: India's change to disputed Kashmir's status

Iraq's Yazidi women must abandon kids born in IS captivity

India scraps special status for Kashmir amid crackdown

India scraps special status for Kashmir amid crackdown

Atheism grows in Turkey as Recep Tayyip Erdogan urges Islam

How Sisi's Egypt hands out justice

Kushner meets Egypt's Sisi for Middle East peace plan talks

"I like plastic": Pakistan's toxic 'love affair' with waste

Iran says ready for worst in battle to save nuclear deal amid standoff with U.S.

5 years on, Yazidis still live with IS massacre and enslavement

Istanbul expels more than 15,000 undocumented migrants

Tunisia prime minister to run for president following Essebsi's death

Dutch ban on burkas in public places takes effect

Indian parliament clears bill to criminalise Islamic instant divorce

Turkey sends delegation to China to observe Uighur situation